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As we just got done looking at last time, Twitter is immensely heavily used, even in the domain of popular social media, for good reasons. These reasons have also led to the seemingly problematic fact that a lot of tools haven’t been made for it, because they would add complexity rather than remove it. However, in the case of Twitter marketing strategy, there is room for innovation, clever thinking and true creativity! How: Well, Twitter is really simple and down to earth in its user experience, purpose and direction, and inner workings. This is one of the reasons it’s so heavily used. I’m not going to go on another tangent about that, don’t worry. Just bear that in mind. So, a system of immense simplicity but extreme flexibility is one in which the most clever application can actually be implemented. This may sound counterintuitive, as you’d expect a lot of order to come out of more chaos, such as the messy, confusing Facebook or Pinterest. But no, it’s a simple system, when real intelligent design is forming order, where such things arise. Many Takes on Twitter Marketing Strategy: Of course, everyone’s encouraged to think of new ones on their own, and many do, but let’s look at a few takes on this that’re the most common among most businesses. #1 – Standard Output and Outreach This was the first harnessing of Twitter for marketing, and it’s fine to still use this, but not by itself really. Basically, it’s just taken for simply what it is on a technical level. A business acquires followers, who hear announcements you make, remarks you make to promote interest, etc. You can use this as a channel to gauge public opinion of yourself too, by listening to mentions and what the mentions imply of their views of you. BI software can automate this, but Twitter kind of can on its own. #2 – If All the World is a Stage, Where Does the Audience Sit? Being a character over Twitter is a newer idea, but it’s a fantastic one. Now, this doesn’t have to literally mean playing a character, but just having character, posting tweets that aren’t just promotions but are interesting thoughts and the like garners followers, and followers that instinctually read what you say. This takes talent and a good sense of humor and writing. Such complexity to consider for an SMS-length communication channel! #3 – Proactive Engagement This is a furtherance of the second one in some senses, but it deserves its own point. Being proactive in engaging your customers is not only good marketing and PR, it’s good customer service too. Show apology and appreciation of constructive criticism when mentions are negative. Show humble appreciation and a sense of honor when positive mentions are made. The Ultimate Strategy: There are other things you can try, like using the video sharing feature, or trend jumping to do other things as well, but for now, I’ve not seen those used as solidly as they may be able. The ultimate thing to do now, is to use all three of the ones above in a synchronized balance. Conclusion: The dynamics of Twitter marketing strategy are still somewhat a young science, and there’s so much room for new ideas and new approaches to be tried. As Twitter itself matures and continues its presence as part of life, it too may expand to let things be possible that now are not even thinkable.



James Mello
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