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This week’s best in product marketing offers up some social media marketing strategy, a glimpse into successful challenges, and even some insights into cloud and design issues. 1. How the Top Brands Use Social Media for Marketing This article by Jason Bowden outlines some of the ways you can leverage social media in your marketing campaigns. Bowden outlines some of the best social media campaigns by some of the biggest internet companies. 2. Why Facebook Is Blue: The Science of Colors in Marketing Leo Wildrich’s article about the aesthetics of Facebook and the particular reasoning behind its color choice will help you better understand color in your own marketing strategy. 3. The ASICS Treadmill Challenge This article by Xath Cruz describes the significance of the ASICS Treadmill Challenge. From it’s rationale to its uptake and the results, this article describes the great successes of this challenge. 4. Six Case Studies That Prove Content Marketing ROI Isn’t Fictional If content marketing ROI is still a difficult case to make, then this article by David Moth will be particularly helpful in your arguments.  Moth’s article argues that ROI is convincing and provides real world examples to help you make your case. 5. Does Your Company Need a Marketing Cloud? Finally this article is one I wrote about the impact of all-in-one cloud marketing services which offer up a variety of important benefits. From more efficiencies to increased leads and behavioral analysis, I hope you’ll find this article particularly informative.



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