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 This week’s best in marketing give us a look into the most important metrics you need to track, but also addresses some of the challenges that come with misleading sales states. All of this week’s best help us improve on particular product marketing challenges. 1. Product Marketing – Undervalued and Overlooked, Still! This article by John Mansour addresses some of the benefits of product marketing to corporate marketing, and product management. Not only will you learn about product marketing’s benefit to sales, but you may come to better understand the marketing expert’s role. 2. Why Content and Social Media Marketing Are the New SEO Lee Traupel’s article outlines some of the very best SEO practices. It provides an excellent overview and breakdown of the SEO process and some of the biggest content marketing challenges. 3. Top 3 Metrics Your Marketing Department MUST Track This article by Doug Scudder helps you determine just what metrics you must track in order to get appropriate information about shares, page views, bounce rates, unique visitors and leads. From close rate to ROI, the metrics he defines have very significant impact on your marketing investments. 4. How to Cope with Misleading Sales Statistics and one by me- In a recent article “Battling the 57%: Deconstructing the Buyer-Seller Dance” Donald Daly, CEO of The TAS Group, addresses a potentially misleading statistic about B2B Buyers, which I would like to elaborate on.



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