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In this week’s best in Product Marketing, these articles tackle several ways to protect, and promote your products, designs and features. 1. Protect Your Brand: Push Your Brand Not the Promotion In this article by Yoni Ellman he points out the ways you may dilute your brand during a promotion. Ellman outlines just how you can keep the focus on your product instead of your promotion. 2. 8 Phrases You’ll Hear When You Have a Big Problem in Your Creative Department In Jami Oetting’s article offers you a way to decipher just what may be happening when you have trouble in your creative department.


3. Answer These 7 Questions Before Launching ANY Remarketing Strategies In this article by Mikael Bentz, he offers up 7 questions to ask yourselves before launching any remarketing at all. In particular he concentrates on the mechanics of your messaging in order to avoid common pitfalls. 4. Want Life Long Customers? Design the Customer Experience Through Their Eyes In this guest post by Debra Mendes she looks at the keys to successful customer interventions and active ways to predict customer needs. 5. Product Launches and Website Marketing: How SEO is Still Key  Finally in this article we take a look at just how SEO is still key to all product launches.


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