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In this week’s best in product marketing, we look closer at the impact of speed and simplicity. From simple short form on our landing page to 20 second product marketing, these articles will help you feel the need for speed. 1. Landing Page Optimization: Simple, Short Form Increases Leads 40% Selena Blue’s article leverages the results from a studyby American Sentinel University, to make the case for simple short form on the landing page as vital. The statistics she provides are quite convincing. 2.3. What to Cut From Your Marketing in 2015 In Ginny Soskey’s article she outlines the need to simplify and cut back on ineffective and often time consuming tactics. Soskey’s article makes the case for “less is more” in marketing.


4. The Ultimate Online Marketing Recipe In this article by Cameron Chapman and Sean Work, outlines a step-by-step guide to online marketing. The steps are clear and thoroughly outlined and are sure to make a difference in your own marketing strategy. 5. 3 Cross Marketing Ideas You Need to Try Finally in this article we find 3 Cross Marketing ideas that we know will make a big impact in your own marketing processes.


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