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By: James @Blog2Market Mello

In this week’s best in product marketing articles from B2B marketing tips, myths of marketing strategy and even a use for scientific inquiry, you’ll find an article that’s right for your business in this group.

1. Top 5 Myths About  Marketing Strategy for Hosting Providers

In this article by Dean Ara he takes on the top 5 myths about marketing strategy for hosting providers and outlines just how damaging these myths can be.

2. 5 B2B Marketing Tips to Drive Your Sales
Casey Arnold’s article outlines 5 critical B2B Marketing tips. From focusing on personalized solutions, to tracking ROI on content, you’ll certainly find some excellent advice in Arnold’s article.

3. How Science is Helping Marketers to Prove their Intuition Right…Or Wrong

In this article by Olly Downs he outlines the core elements being used with the scientific approach to marketing. He outlines what these elements are, how they work and their many benefits.

4. How to Humanize Marketing with Buyer Personas

In this article by, we’re presented with some key ways to humanize marketing strategy, by Tony Zambito, a leading authority on buyer persona development.

5. Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends of 2014
Finally in this article we outline some of the top digital marketing trends of 2014. From social media diversification to ad re-targeting and content curation, you’ll find new ways to accommodate new approaches and technologies to meet user needs

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