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1# SlideShare: The Top 5 Skills of the Awesome Product Marketer A good product marketer has to possess a number of skills and capabilities. Here is a comprehensive list on 5 skills that every marketer must have to succeed. 2# Defining Your Target Market When marketing a product, it is crucial to first have a target market so as to grow your business faster. Here is an expert guide by Sarah Suda on how to define your target market today. 3# What Elections Can Teach Us About Competitive Strategy Elections are some of the most competitive life phases of politicians. Marketers can learn a lot from the strategies that the winners use. Jeff Lash offers some tips on what we can learn from elections regarding competitive strategy. 4# 10 Tools to Make Your Marketing Videos Wow Videos are some of the most effective marketing tools in the market today. Here are 10 tools from John Jantsch that you can use to make them wow and effective in generating sales.  5# How Do I Improve My B2B Lead Nurturing Campaign? Lead nurturing has really helped businesses to increase the rate at which they convert leads to sales. Here is an article I wrote on how to improve B2B lead nurturing.



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