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In the never-ending feed of textual marketing messages we see on social media, one cool visual can make yours stand out; Twitter themselves did a research and established that even in entirely different categories every time an image was to a tweet, it enhanced engagement in the form of a greater retweet rate. This just one of many examples I will share this week of how to properly share the brand’s storytelling in a visual way.

Visual Storytelling: New Language for the Information Age

From hand-drawn diagrams to sophisticated data visualization, by way of graphic design, illustration, photography, and information architecture, this article by Maria Popova is simply beautiful. It highlights countless examples of visual storytelling and the marketing power it entails.

30 Compelling Examples of Visual Storytelling on the Web

Armed with powerful info graphics, this article by Jessica Moon showcases the best visual storytelling examples on the web. There is something creative and innovative to learn from each one and in here you can have them all in one place.

Why The Obsession With Visual Storytelling?

After we saw impressive graphics and captivating data here comes the videos. Click and read all about the visual campaigns famous brands launched to captured their audience in a powerful visual story. By Liz Nofziger Dyrsmid.

Seven Ways to Leverage Visual Storytelling in Your Marketing

Humans or Goldfish, who has the longer attention span? The answer and a lot more information on how to capture that precious audience attention is offered within the lines of this great research piece. Written by Stan Phelps.

Infographic Content Marketing: Thinking In Stories

There is one simple truth to successful advertising and that is that content is king. Marketers need to be master storytellers and content creation is the most effective search engine optimization technique marketers can use for this. In this article the Infographic helps understand exactly what story does your content tell.


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