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10 Oscar Worthy Commercials Marketers Must Watch

10 Oscar Worthy Commercials Marketers Must Watch

A big part of a product’s success is its image and brand awareness. A big part of that is achieved through commercials and visual ads, which can make or break a product. With the Academy Awards ceremony around the corner, here is a list of 10 commercials worthy of an Oscar. Some of the commercials you’ll see on this list had the budget of a small Hollywood film and some include actors from the big screen. Others were low on budget, but great on content. But one thing they all had in common is that they garnered both awards and widespread attention.

Geico – Unskippable

Our first nominee is one of the funniest commercials I have ever seen. Anything I will say about it might spoil it, but let’s just say the title fits it perfectly.  

Atlantic Group – 37 Days

Even though it’s a bit longer than your average commercial length (3 minutes,) it is simply too beautiful to pass. Behind this 3-minute of footage is a year-long of planning and a massive budget to build the prefect glass greenhouse in the middle of the artic.

Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

This one is a classic, as it went viral in a matter of days and placed Old Spice in the hall of fame. This commercial was so successful, it was recreated several other times by the same company with different actors.  

Honda – The Other Side

When talking about Oscar worthy commercials this one immediately pops to mind. Honda produced a whole mini-series with an interactive dual-story video for the Civic sportier version, the Civic Type R. The film tells the tale of an ordinary guy who leads an intriguing double life.    

Clash of Clans – Revenge

This was the first time a mobile game made it to the big league of Super Bowl commercials. This one with Liam Neeson just nailed it, with him portraying his character from “Taken”.  

Esurance – ‘Sorta Pharmacy’

This one is for you Breaking Bad fans out there: short, funny and concise, this commercial delivered huge traffic to Esurance and brought their service to the limelight.  

Coca-Cola – #MakeItHappy

Coca Cola maintains its long time branding as “feel-good, live well” company, spreading free- love and social awareness around the globe with this immensely successful viral campaign with the #MakeItHappy hashtag.  

Minions – Super Fans Spot (HD) – Illumination

Minions. Enough Said. But on a more serious note – This bunch of yellow dudes took over the digital sphere with a roar and every major brand used them. The Minions film has grossed over $1.1 billion worldwide and became the highest-grossing non-Disney animated film.  

Volvo Trucks – The Epic Split feat. Van Damme

The daring stunt in this video is real and was filmed in just one take. The stunt, meant to advertise Volvo Trucks’ new dynamic steering system, has drawn more than eighty two million views on YouTube since the video was posted on Nov. 13.  

Dove Real Beauty Sketches | You’re More Beautiful Than You Think

Emotional marketing is a powerful tool to create buzz and go viral.  The Dove “Real Beauty” campaign is the perfect example. They did a remarkable job challenging the beauty industry by showing how different women view themselves and their attractiveness.


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