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Why Do We Follow Brands on Social Media? – This Infographic Explains It

Why Do We Follow Brands on Social Media? – This Infographic Explains It

Data released by the shows that 53% of Americans in ages 12 and higher who follow companies on social media are more devoted to those brands. Also A survey of marketers by Wildfire this year found that 44% of respondents regarded Facebook as a decent method to obtain new clients. In addition to the fact that social networks are a widespread place for people to spend time on, but also consumers anticipate brands to appear on all social media platforms. I believe that social media, is less of an acquiring tool for more costumers but more aimed at retaining those that currently exists. The thing your brand utilizes to keep customers returning for more and also sharing the brand with their friends. This potential usefulness of this “concentration on your present customers” tactic, is quite important when considering on how to spend your social marketing resources. The first question that comes to mind is why do individuals follow certain brands on social media? Check out this infographic by Asad Ali / Go-Gulf for answers:  


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