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3 Disadvantages of Mass Marketing You Must Know

3 Disadvantages of Mass Marketing You Must Know

Mass marketing is a technique in which a business focuses on selling a particular product or service and market their products relentlessly to the consumers. Unlike marketing niche where the product is only marketed to specific target of people, mass marketing has no limit and it targets all consumer with the aim of maximizing profits. This type of marketing works well when marketing products that many people want or needs such as bread, soda ,toothpaste and household appliances. Although this form of marketing is often seen as being less risky than niche marketing because it is actually not dependent on small population of consumers , business owners who use this form of marketing to market their services or product can lose a lot of money if the product they are marketing fails to connects with the consumers. Many companies tend to avoid using this method of marketing because it can result to loss of revenue if proper marketing plans are not put in place. Experts also don’t advice companies to use this form of marketing especially if they are not selling basic products that many people use. So are you wondering why most companies and small business tend to avoid using this form of marketing to market their product? If yes then you are in the right place because in this article we are going to explain to 3 disadvantages of mass marketing.

3 Disadvantages of Mass Marketing You Must Know

1. The Difference in How it Effects Geographical Areas

The main disadvantage of mass marketing is that this method of marketing can be successful in one geographic area but may not resonate positively with consumers in other regions. When marketing your business products, it is very important to know that your product will not impress all consumers because consumers have varied needs and desires. In addition consumers can also get bored when they see the name of a particular product everywhere. It can actually make consumers to loss interests with your business products. If you integrate this form of marketing to your business, you may end up spending more money but getting less sales. Peoples needs and wants do vary. This means that if people of a certain geographical region like to use your products or services, consumers from other geographical regions may not want even to hear about your products of services. Therefore, if you channel your marketing efforts to marketing your products in all geographic location, you may end up losing more than gaining. When it comes to marketing, being strategic is very important. As the business owner, you must ensure that you conduct research to know where your customers are so that you can channel your marketing effort towards that specific areas. Otherwise if you decide to use mass marketing to market your services or product, you will be surprised that your return on investing will tremendously decrease.


2. It is Extremely Expensive

Mass marketing is extremely expensive form of marketing and it is usually used by large companies that are well established. If you want to reach out to more customers, then you must be willing to dig deeper into your pocket. This form of marketing is usually discouraged for small business because it will result to lots of waste of money. For example, running an advertisement for an investment banking service on a major television network can be enormous waste of money since many people who view that particular TV network are actually not business owners and have no interest in such business. It is a very costly form of advertising and it is only recommended for companies or businesses that sell basic products or service that many people use or need. Many companies and small business that have used this form of marking to market their products have said that it is a very expensive form of marketing technique that can drain all money in your bank account. A research that was conducted by an independent marketing firm on various forms of marketing found out that most companies tend to avoid mass marketing because it is expensive. Most of them reported that when they use mass marking to market their services or products, the return on investment was low when compared to using other forms of marketing. Therefore, if you are not ready to deep deeper into your pocket, then mass marketing is not your type.

3. Changes in the Marketing Environment are Not Factored in

Mass marketing strategies put all metaphorical eggs in one preverbal basket. This form of marketing does not consider changes that may occur in business environment. There are many factors that can results in changes in marketing environment. Some of this factors include, changes in price, inflation and change in consumer preference. If price of a particular product changes, consumers will start looking for a substitute that gives them the same satisfaction but at a price that they can afford. Likewise changes in consumer preference can also result in changes in marketing environment. If consumers start preferring product B to A, it will be very difficult to change their preference no matter how much money you invest in marketing the product. Unlike other form of marketing, mas marketing does not consider changes in marketing environment. This is very dangerous because if any changes occur in the business world, then it can impact negatively on your business. As a business owner, you must choose a marketing strategy that can change when business marketing environment changes. For instance, if you realize that some group of consumes are now preferring to use products or services of your competitor, your marketing strategies should be able to give you an alternative geographic area where consumers prefers your products.


In conclusion, mass marketing is a very effective type of marketing technique , however, of you weigh both the pros and the cons, you will find out the cons are actually more than the pros especially for small companies and businesses. In addition, it is not only time consuming but is very expensive. Experts recommend that business owners should market their products or services using other types of marketing techniques such as niche marketing which is much more effective, economical and reliable than mass marketing.
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