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My Favorite Articles on Product Marketing

My Favorite Articles on Product Marketing

All businesses must have a good process of conveying their products to their customers. This week’s best product marketing articles range from top tips for global brands to putting up a powerful team for your business. Championship: Market Definition vs. Buyer Persona The market definition is essentially the business region and the buyer persona the go-to-market region. It always comes down to a clear understanding of the buyers and the market. SEO and Social Media Combining SEO and social media is the best option for all businesses. This not only helps in boosting its online presence but also in introducing new products. Top Tips Global Brands Learn from Indian Marketers at Goafest 2015 This is one of the biggest events presented by the Advertising Club of India. Business can get to learn from over 2000 professionals and also features the Abby Awards. Why Content Is Essential for B2B Product Marketing Customer support is becoming quite an important function in the B2B world. Content is very essential for B2B product marketing. Content is needed for continued engagement, customer onboarding and customer development. Future-Proof Your Marketing Tech Career Architecture and strategy are important in differentiating between a marketing stack and a marketing pile. For marketing technologists to advance and be noticed, they need customer experience, good foresight and adding sales skills to their repertoire.


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