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With nearly a billion active users today, Facebook is a social media platform that has become a potent ground for product marketing. Many companies are embracing Facebook product marketing to net higher profits and reach a wider array of clients. This type of marketing does not work for all people or companies because some are risk-takers while others rely on sound strategies. Before looking at the top 3 tips that will help your marketing campaign, it is pivotal to understand what this type of marketing entails. Marketing a product using Facebook can be done in two major ways. First, and perhaps the most popular way, is to create a Facebook page dedicated to your product. Here, you get to post information about your product as you invite people to like your page. Over times, a page will acquire fans and the more the fan base; the higher the leads. This method is popular because it is free of charge. The second way is to market a product through the use of page adverts; Interested parties can click on ads appearing on their pages if they are interested. These ads are short and utilize graphics; they work like contextual ads that pay per click. The top 3 product marketing tips for Facebook: 1) Target your audience You have to choose a niche and target your Facebook audience accordingly. For example, if you sell women’s’ shoes, it does not make sense to avail your marketing campaign to elderly men. In this regard, demographics are the first thing to consider. Create a Facebook page and invite people who are most likely interested in the product you have to offer. If you are running a Facebook ad, check your settings to filter the audience so that the ad will be visible to the people who will find your product useful. Gender, age, profession, location and others are among the factors to consider when targeting your product. 2) Appeal to your audience Once you have catered to your demographics; it is time to talk to your potential clients. On your Facebook page, you must provide appealing relevant information about the product you are selling. Craft your posts with a call-to-action. Appeal to the emotions of your audience so that they can connect to what you are offering. Be creative; If you are designing an ad, think about what you want to deliver. People will only click on ads they consider attractive, so include images, they are effective. Make regular updates on your Facebook page to keep your clients informed; be ‘all in their face’ – in a good way. Remember your competition; they are not sleeping, so neither should you. The more you engage with the people, the better your results will be. 3) Track your marketing performance Tracking your performance on Facebook is vital in order to know if you are succeeding or failing in your campaign. You can check out daily stats on the main product page, or you can have Facebook send you a report on how well your page is performing. Ideally, if you are doing the right thing, you should be getting more fans and leads. Regarding ads, more people should be clicking to inquire about your products. Just a few weeks is long enough for you to evaluate your results. If you are on a downward trend, it is time to rethink your strategy. So there you have it. In order to succeed in Facebook product marketing you need to target your audience, appeal to them and then track your performance.  Facebook product marketing comes with many other elements but the above tips are very important to achieve success.


Kevin Goldberg