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To maximize profits in any business, product marketing is not an option; it is a must. Having said this, not all product marketing strategies are equal.

You have to go the extra mile to weed out bad product marketing plans and embrace only those strategies that will work. So, how do you get the right marketing information?

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The answer is proper research. Every marketer must be on their toes, looking out for information that will impact their business positively. Reading all the product marketing articles online is not enough; you have to look for case studies that contain information that has been proven. Read about strategies that have transformed businesses from authoritative authors.

The following articles are some of the most recommended in the product marketing industry:

‘Top Marketing Tips’ (by Jim Connolly) This article reveals the top 10 basics of product marketing in a contemporary world. Connolly insists that in the modern world, people cannot follow old rules and expect success. He provides fundamental tips that will determine success today. He goes ahead to teach  the value of content marketing when selling products and services. Some people have not taken online marketing seriously and without online optimization, businesses cannot fully tap into the profits. This article also empowers readers on network building, joint ventures and how to go about beating the competition. This article gives many basics to anyone who strives for success. Jim Connolly is an authority in marketing and has 26 years of experience in helping businesses maximize profits. He has been featured in The New York Times, CNN and the Telegraph. ’42 Rules of Product Marketing’ (by Bertrand Hazard) This article is part of a book that was put together by industry experts who wanted to empower readers on what makes a great product marketer. In the section written by Hazard, he advises people to forget about the product; it is all about the customer and what they need. The author proposes that people should always create an emotive story around the product so that the customer will be emotionally attached. Hazard offers some examples, among them is Apple and their strategy for  releasing the iPod. Apple used the catch phrase ‘1,000 songs in your pocket.’  It is all about enchanting the audience so that they can respond to the product. The article also talks about powerful brand advocates from social to mainstream media.

Bertrand Hazard has over 18 years of experience devising and executing product marketing strategies.

‘Fives Steps to Improve Your Marketing to Generation-Y’ (by Joeri Van den Bergh) This article recognizes that we are living in a technologically savvy world. The younger generation has grown up with the Internet, so reaching them through old-fashioned marketing will not work. Joeri provides five vital steps that will help marketers break the ice and reach the younger, more modern consumer.

 Joeri Van den Bergh is a consultant and expert on the topic of marketing to clientele of the new generation.

Changing times call for changing your product marketing strategy. Listed above are some of the most helpful product marketing articles out there. Check them out and let me know what you think.


Kevin Goldberg