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3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Custom Facebook Cover Design

3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Custom Facebook Cover Design

These days everyone is online all the time. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. If you’re a fan of a product or business chances are you check their page for updates, or for the latest news about the product. What if one day they redesigned their page to be flashier then ever? You’d probably share this cool new designed page with all your friends, and even maybe mention it to a couple by word of mouth. According to recent studies, redesigning your social media page improves your likelihood of success by 130%!  99designs created an infographic depicting just how important it is to update your social media page. They used the example of Facebook, and outlined outlining three reasons why your business needs to update their Facebook page. Studies found that 82% of business who updated their pages saw an increase in likes on Facebook. Based on these statistics alone I’d say every company who hasn’t already done so should update their page. The best part is there’s no charge to redesign, and the benefits are great! People love to see new things pop up, it recaptures their attention about your product, and even allows them to view it in a new light.  


James Mello
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