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It is an undeniable fact that online video marketing is gaining popularity. A number of studies have shown that video marketing truly works. Studies have also shown that videos increase the chances of any content being ranked on the first page of searching engine results. Online video marketing is extremely attractive to both small and large businesses today for many reasons. Making videos and using them to draw visitors to your site is a cost-effective way to increase sales. In addition, online videos remain on the web forever. If you invest in recording one, it will still get views and likes several years later. Moreover, videos and social networking sites work together and most social media sites encourage users to use videos for effective results. If you use the best strategies to make and post your clips online, the opportunities and possibilities are endless.

4 Online Video Marketing Tips to Know

1. Plan Well When creating your video, it is important to take the delivery method into consideration before you finally produce it. Plan your delivery, messaging and production before you start creating the video. By so doing, you will be able to customize your video for the online platform from which it will be distributed, whether you intend to upload it on YouTube, post it on social media or distribute it via a reliable email marketing system. Before you start creating that video, consider what your online audience would like to see. Creating a video that will be interesting to your target audience will greatly benefit your marketing campaign and boost the growth of your online business. 2. Keep the Main Message Short and To the Point Internet marketers know that attention spans are constantly reducing, so they have to be competitive enough in order to get views. Therefore, it is advisable to keep your online video as short as you can, particularly if it is an ad. Keep your video to one minute or even less. These days, you will find that almost everyone in your niche audience doesn’t have a very long attention span. If you seriously want to pass your message across, you need to deliver it as fast as possible. Statistics show that video viewership reduces drastically after the first 60 seconds. Even if you make a very beautiful video, it is most likely not going to be seen by many people who see it if you make it more than 60 minutes long. Your target audience should be able to get the gist of the message as soon as they click on your online video. The shorter the clip, the less frustrated viewers get. This means that shorter videos are likely to be watched in full. 3. Establish Relationships with Your Target Audience  Trust and commitments are two important aspects when it comes to video marketing. Video creators and producers should concentrate on interacting with their target audience. Online videos provide internet marketers with a great opportunity to engage prospective customers, but the most important thing is to make sure that your videos actually benefit from your videos. Creating a video that offers value at the start will greatly boost conversion rates. Overview videos showing the value or importance of your brand are less effective than those that offer instant value to viewers. In most cases, a channel with the most interactive features will perform much better than a channel with most users and views. Viewers would like to feel like the creator of the video has their interest at heart and therefore, wants to offer value to them. Support those things that channel creators have in mind and they will also support your business or brand. If you support them through meaningful ways, they will eventually become ambassadors of your brand and hence help you gain more views and thus more potential clients. As part of your video marketing strategy, establish relationships with your target audience as well as channel creators who seem to share the vision of your brand. Once their platform starts gaining mileage, those relationships could become helpful partnerships. 4. Your Video Should Result a Goal  Proper online video marketing can allow you to achieve general goals such as brand awareness, search engine optimization, traffic and conversions. However, defining clear goals will allow you to make the most of this advertising method. Measuring such objectives can give you an idea of why your marketing campaign was successful or not. If producing an online video won’t result in a goal, then it could be a waste of time and money. Make sure that you create videos that are geared towards a goal. Make videos that have a positive impact on your marketing goals. A video should help you achieve brand awareness, traffic and conversions. Brand Awareness: online videos can be produced to make your brand more memorable. Many viewers may not know your company or anything to do with your b rand, but after watching your videos, they should be able to gain something. Traffic: a well produced video will provoke people’s opinions and generate excitement. This will increase the chances of your video going viral. If a video is shared by many viewers, it can drive more traffic to your site and social media pages. Conversions: this is another great goal that you can achieve with videos. Driving traffic to your site and creating brand awareness is important, but it’s the conversions that have a direct impact on the success of your business. It is important to ensure that your videos lead to leads or sales. Bottom Line Online video can be a great way to boost the growth of your business. If you have considered online video marketing, it is high time to find out how to use videos in your company. With cost-effective marketing and great online exposure, this great medium can help you get more publicity. Use the above tips and you will be pleasantly surprised to find out how your online video marketing campaign will help your business and website rise in the search engine rankings within a short period of time.



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