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By: James @Blog2Market Mello In this year’s best of product marketing we took a look at components of modern marketing, how paid search sites can pay off, the role of product marketing in the real world, product management vs. product marketing and cool examples of experiential marketing. 1. 10 Components of a Modern Marketing Foundation Modern marketing requires a stable foundation to withstand fast changing times. Dia Dalsky shares 10 amazing components of a thriving marketing strategy. 2. Paid Search On Retailer’s Sites Certainly Pays Off For Product Brands Jonathan Opdyke writes that paid search can turn out to be a great long-term investment for world-renowned brands. Although paid searches do require an initial investment that can sometimes cost large retailers tens of thousands or maybe even millions of dollars, this will surely pay off in the long run. Paid search can help product brands expand their target market, increase their revenue and improve their brand awareness, all at the same time with only a minor investment. 3. Content Marketing in Real World: the Role of Product Marketing For content marketing to succeed, it has to involve product marketing. The two are connected and have to work together to deliver the best results. J-P De Clerck takes a look at the role of product marketing in sales. 4. Product Management vs. Product Marketing: Who is Responsible for “In-Product” Messaging?  If you’re struggling with understanding the difference between product management and product marketing, or if you aren’t clear on who “owns” inproduct messaging, this article by Michael Shrivathsan will soon set on the right path. 5. 10 Very Cool Examples of Experiential Marketing This article by David Moth provides an exciting overview of experiential marketing and its ability to generate positive emotions in potential customers. You’ll find the examples that Moth uses particularly intriguing.

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