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4 Types of Thanksgiving Marketing Campaigns You Should Try

4 Types of Thanksgiving Marketing Campaigns You Should Try

Thanksgiving marketing doesn’t have to all be about Black Friday – it could be about giving thanks. While I’m not advocating that you opt out of your piece of the lucrative Black Friday and Cyber Monday pie, I am advocating that you consider a Thanksgiving campaign that actually gives thanks to your customers. Just as Macy’s and McDonald’s host a yearly Thanksgiving parade, companies big and small can give back to their customers. Below are just a few examples you can use for inspiration to start a campaign in the spirit of giving thanks.

Gather Everyone Around the Table

Thanksgiving is a great time for bringing family and friends together.Wix has hosted a home cooked meal at their headquarters for the San Francisco community. marketing1 Try hosting a Thanksgiving event to spend time with current clients and maybe meet some new ones as well.  

Say Thank You!

Show your gratitude on social media by retweeting, engaging and thanking your best clients, put them in the spotlight! Hootsuite made a great post on how to say thank you over social media. If you want to take this idea to the next level and really shine, try writing personalized thank you notes to your best clients and show them how thankful you are. marketing2  

Give Back

Giving back can be something small like a discount or something big like a getaway vacation, it could even be a home-cooked turkey. When your customers give you so much find a way this holiday to give back. One way is to give back is to turn their advocacy for your brand into a contest. This can be as simple as liking and retweeting a picture, to sending in photos of your family dinner, or even dressing up like a turkey, as long as the message fits in with your company’s message.

Be Festive!marketing3

Be sure to let your clients know how festive your company is by using Thanksgiving themed hashtags, using holiday inspired blog content or creating a landing page for a Thanksgiving offer. You can even give your emails Thanksgiving filled subject lines. Listrak listed some do’s and don’t for making your subject lines. I hope you can use some of these Thanksgiving marketing campaigns to raise brand awareness, increase customer loyalty, and as always increase revenue. But at the heart of it, be thankful. Let me know on Twitter which Thanksgiving campaigns your company intends to use this year.


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