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4 Ways Product Marketers can Boost Lead Generation this Christmas

4 Ways Product Marketers can Boost Lead Generation this Christmas

The holiday season is upon us  — prime time for pushing your brand awareness and selling more product. With such an abundance of information online, what is your plan for getting your brand noticed? People can’t possibly notice, absorb and process all of the marketing messages we’re exposed to on a daily basis. You need a plan for breaking through the clutter and getting the attention you deserve. what ads say   Here are a few strategies that have been proven to be successful when advertising a product:

1. Webinars for Visual Learners

65% of people are visual learners. Creating a webinar video doesn’t require a lot of time or resources, but can make a big impact on your audience. Create an informative, interesting webinar video that will educate customers about your industry while simultaneously promoting your product.  

2. Whitepapers that Touch upon “Pain Points”

55% of marketers consider eBooks to be the most effective B2B content marketing tactic, according to SmartBug. People are always looking for solutions to their problems. Offer them sound advice with a whitepaper that discusses a relatable problem that your product can solve. Whitepapers usually don’t outright sell your product; instead they offer great advice to get people coming back.

3. Opinion Pieces on your Blog

A blog consisting of quality content will attract potential customers. People are interested in reading what industry thought leaders have to say. Search engine optimization, link building and online promotion can help attract visitors to your company site.  

4. Social Media Marketing

With 1.6 billion users on Facebook alone, social media represents a cost-efficient way to generate large interest in your product. Create a page on the many different social media channels available including Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, etc. Consistently post on all pages with content that will engage users and generate a following.   All these are alternative ways to market a product and to generate high-quality leads. With updated and engaging social media pages, blogs, webinars, and white papers, interest in your product will spread virally and boost lead generation.


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