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If you are a marketing expert at your company and you have finally convince your team that connecting with your clients through mobile device is important for the growth of the company but you later came to realize that you company is not performing as expecting, chance are that your mobile marketing strategies are not good. Research show that last year only $5.3 billion was used in mobile marketing but much of it was wasted as marketers made dumb mistakes. Mobile marketing can be a very good way to increase your customer’s base and also foster good relationship with your customers’ but if not used well it can actually turn to be the worse marketing platform. Below are 5 mobile marketing mistakes that you are making. 1. Sending the Wrong Message One mobile mistake that you should not do is sending the wrong message. It won’t work properly for the users. Also if you send messages with a link content that will not display and function properly with every type of mobile device, you can easily damage your relation with both your current and potential customers. You need to ensure that whatever message you send to your audience is compatible with different mobile devices to avoid making the user frustrated and turned off. 2. Targeting Too Much Although targeting is a very important strategy in business, you need to ensure that you only target the right people .If you target too much audience , you can easily hurt your campaign .Try to be more precise and only use the data that you have already collected to choose your target audience instead of focusing on highly individualized marketing strategies. 3. Ignoring Phone Calls  Sometimes your audience may decide to call you directly if they want to inquire or seek clarification about a certain issue. Research shows that one- on -one communication is still a strong marketing tool and so if you ignore your audience phone call, you can easily piss them off and that can hurt your business. Picking your audience call is very important .It makes them establish a personalized relationship with you and that will make them to be loyal to you. They will even recommend more clients to you because of good customer relationship you have established. 4. Redirecting Users to a Desktop Site Another mobile marketing mistake that most marketers make is asking their audience to visit a site that is only available in desktop version. This means that users cannot access the website through their mobile phone .if you redirect your audience to a site that cannot be access through a mobile, they will get frustrated and they won’t take any action to visit the site. Make sure that you give your audience an easy to use mobile website that will allow them to navigate through the site easily without experiencing any challenges. 5. Writing Too Much Content The average size of a mobile screen is about 3.3 inches. This means that content that can be displayed in a desktop properly cannot be displayed in a mobile device properly. When sending content to your audience, you need to cut down on the words used and make it short, precise and to the point. If you send them too much content, most of them will get bored reading .So don’t send too much content to your audience and when writing ,use punchy headlines that will easily catch your audience eye.



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