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How and When to Start Marketing Your Product: 4 Steps to Follow Most new entrepreneurs will often get hung up on the question of how and when to start marketing their products. This article by Oliver Deng shares 4 steps to successful product marketing. This is the ultimate guide that one needs to beat their competition. Cramer Quick Take: Deciphering QR Codes QR codes have become pretty popular in recent days. But do you know precisely how to use them in your marketing campaign? Bret Kenwell’s article on QR codes is sure to give you a decent introduction to this new style of marketing. Digital Marketing Evangelist And Rock Star Matt Langie is a reputed digital marketer who has taken the Adobe brand to great heights. In his short interview with Life at Adobe team, he opens up about his career. A must read for anyone who needs a fresh approach to digital marketing evangelism. My Product is Great- Why Do I Need a Marketing Department?  No matter how superior a product is, it needs to be marketed to maximize on profits. This article by Focus Product Marketing discusses 10 simple reasons for why you need an aggressive marketing department. This is a must-read for anyone who is still doubtful of the importance of a marketing department. Oscar-Worthy Product Marketing Lessons This year’s Oscar Awards will take place on the 2 of March. It may seem unlikely, but there are quite a few lessons that one can borrow from the Oscars in relation to product marketing. I wrote this article to highlight some simple product marketing tips that are both Oscar-worthy and Oscar-themed.



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