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5 Real Time Marketing Tips That Bring Results

5 Real Time Marketing Tips That Bring Results

Real Time Marketing is the new thing in marketing and one that is quite efficient given that it seeks the most appropriate way of raising consumers’ awareness, creating demand and promoting the brand’s mission through meaningful connection.

5 Real Time Marketing Tips That Bring Results

Tip #1: Give meaning to “real-time marketing” and what it exactly means to your organization As you all know, RTM is all about raising awareness, creating demand and finally furthering the brand’s missions through meaningful connection with customers. It’s to be done at the right time and in the right place using the right content. To make RTM effective, you have to find out what optimal moments for your organization are and then map out all the scenarios before finally defining the value it can add to your company or organization. To do this, you really have to be extra ordinary. Reflect back and see how you have been working and how you have been relating with your clients/customers. On a very serious note; note that your brand(s) do need more than a mere presence for them to make an impact. Make it your sole business to find out what you need to offer to your clients in order for you to stand out. Finally, one secret to make it in this industry is by offering your audience something that is of value to them. They really don’t care how often you advertise your products, so long as your products are of quality, people will keep demanding for them.


Tip #2: Establish yourself by fostering the environment of urgency within and around you. Great marketers will tell you that in order to set yourself up for success, it is mandatory that you build an internal team that will support you in coming up with strategies at the same time with the execution of RTM endeavours. As mentioned before, real time marketing is for the extra ordinary fellows; it requires a totally different mindset and also way of operating. In order to activate time sensitive RTM efforts, the following seven examples are of significance importance as marketing components and departments.
  • Brand strategies
  • Content marketing
  • Message and media optimization
  • Association with trending topics
  • Engaging with your audiences at both offline and online events
  • Customer service
  • Product development
While implementing all this, it is important to always remember that RTM is supposed to be used as a tool of marketing and should therefore be used cautiously so as not to cause rifts between you and your audience. Tip #3: when you decide to shrink attention spans, you should be present and in the very moment. According to research carried out not so long time ago, it was found out that the average attention span in adults is now between 2.8 and 8 seconds. Given that RTM can be used as a powerful solution for entrancing consumers’ attention, the best tip is to be present at that given time. Note that relevancy has a deadline and in order to get meaningful responses, you have to be present for you to cordially engage your audience at the same time listening to what works for them. The easiest way to pull this off is by being a guide. You should know by now that consumers are very busy. If you find time, however small it may be, make the most out of it. Be sure to use processes that are clear, simple and coherent. Whenever you realise that you audience are lost, make it personal and hasty to bring them back to the right path. Finally, always remember that conversation is the key to everything, learn some PR and engage them in a clear language that will not give them a hard time to understand. Tip #4: categorically note that real time activations must be associated/aligned with brand values and (be consumer centric) In a nutshell, RTM should be all about the consumer and not you. It actually does offer a very strong and rare opportunity for you to celebrate your consumers and thank them for their unwavering loyalty in the moment. It gives one an opportunity to showcase their human side while catering for their consumer. Therefore, the interactions must be cordially welcomed and highly encouraged. However, when doing so, it should be remembered that the core business is finding out what the customers are interested in so try to be thoughtful and align the conversations with brand values RTM when done properly can reinforce personal connections. Try to target individuals rather than groups. This way, it will be super easy to know exactly what your consumers want as opposed to targeting groups. Also note that people even though are moving with the current technological trends, they still rely on the traditional human-human connection and therefore are not going to stop shopping in physical stores anytime soon. Use this chance to tap into this potential and make the most out of it. Tip #5: integrate real time marketing endeavours with existing campaigns; and trigger emotions that reflect and represent your company’s/organizations sole mission. Finally, to succeed with real time marketing, your activation should revolve around the already existing sponsorships, campaigns and/or events. To pull this off, you, you will need to have solid strategies, strategies that will be of relevance to both you and your audience. You can use your imagination to come up with topics that will leave people talking about your brand and services. However, when doing so, you are advised to keep things simple. Like for instance, avoid using words or terms that are only going to frustrate your audience. Simplify all the transactions and make them swift, direct and of high impact to both you and your audience. Tap into the digital ecosystem and use it to your advantage. In order to connect with a competitor, or compare products, take your time and carry out a research about what you are interested in. Conclusion Strictly not that RTM has worked for many people and if you take your time to implement it, it will also work for you. Learn everything you can about it and practice. Under no circumstance should real time marketing become a point of friction between you and your audience and between your audiences; streamline things in order to enhance smooth coexistence of everyone in your circle.

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