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This Week in Product Marketing

This Week in Product Marketing

In this week’s best in product marketing, we look at articles that help us enhance employee advocacy, some key failures in content marketing and how to fix them, and we even look at great new ways to manage your freelance talent. 1. 5 Reasons Content Marketing Fails Via Rand Fishkin In Margaret Dawson’s article, she addresses the 5 reasons that content marketing fails using the work of Rand Fishkin. This humorous article challenges our biggest difficulties as PMs. 2. Moving Toward Sales & Marketing Alignment with Hubspot CRM & Sidekick In Jeffrey Russo’s article he outlines the gaps between the marketing and sales teams in both communication and cohesive strategy and planning. Then he gives some solid advice about aligning these groups using Sidekick and Hubspot CRM.


3. Employee Advocacy: The Missing Piece of Your Social Media Marketing In Valerie Levin’s article she addresses a key gap in your social media marketing. Particularly she outlines the overlooked importance of employee advocacy and 5 key features that your employee advocacy should have. 4. How to Manage Your Freelance Content Providers In Neil Patel’s article, he challenges us to better manage freelance content providers in order to receive the best possible work. In particular he outlines key ways that you can connect and better know your freelancers in order to get the very best work from them, for your business. 5. 10 Ways to Boost Product Marketing Finally we provide you with 10 key ways to boost your product marketing. From collaboration with other departments to allowing your fans to blog, we believe that these 10 tips can offer you some significant boosts to product marketing.

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