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April’s Top Product Marketing Articles

April’s Top Product Marketing Articles

This month was full of interesting and inspiring product marketing articles. Among the list of fascinating topics covered are issues such as how to address product recall, new sales techniques that apply to a specific group of people, and a surprising new sales pitch method. I read some incredible articles this April, and I compiled a list of some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!
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 1. New Age Product Sales Training for New Age Sales People

RK Prasad discusses the revolution of the sales-world which is due to the expanding technological industry. What was once a simple system, where one person was in charge of a certain aspect for a certain product, has grown and evolved. Now, one person may be in charge of a multi-continent operation. In today’s world with the new generation taking over the workforce, new work methods are being put in place. Prasad states that because companies have expanded globally, and have the power to hire all types of people, the methods now vary so drastically.  

2. A Rant Could Be Your Best Sales Pitch

In this article, Perry Marshall takes a unique stance on sales. He suggests that simply selling a cure through a rant, rather than trying to make a sale as a preventative measure will result in more money. People respond to solutions more than preventative measures, and they respond to being addressed in a laid back, low maintenance way. So, according to Marshall, throwing away traditional marketing techniques, and simply ranting about how efficiently your product can cure your customer’s problem is key to a successful sales pitch!  

3. 10 Things to Know About Product Recall

So, you’ve completed your marketing campaign and your product has hit the shelves! But not so fast, unfortunately there is always the risk that your product could be recalled due to any number of reasons. Although you obviously want to avoid this outcome, it is still important to read up on product recall. This article includes some helpful suggestions about recall insurance and things to look out for in order to avoid product recall.  

4. A Fatal Miscalculation: Why Closing the Deal Isn’t Enough Anymore

Steve Anderson and Dave Stein discuss an important issue in the world of product marketing. They state that it’s important to think about what your customer is doing when they are aren’t buying from your company. By utilizing the time the customer isn’t buying from you, you can use that to your advantage in order to shape their perception of you and your company. This article provides some useful information on how to really rope in your customer before, during, and after the sale.  

5. Are You on Top of These Product Marketing Trends?

Dennis Williams talks about the importance of staying up to date with all the popular trends in the media. In order to produce a relevant marketing campaigns this is a must. From social media, to mobile marketing, your target audience stays up to date with the newest trends out there, and in order to remain popular you should too. Give this article a read to find out which areas to focus on in order to stay on top of the popular marketing trends.

6. 8 of the Weirdest Shark Tank Products That Got Investments

This article brings a bit of humor to the marketing world. It’s incredible who will invest in what. To keep things interesting on the show Shark Tank, the producers add in an odd product every so often, and it’s amazing that they’re approved and bring in investments. Erik Devaney lists 8 hilariously odd products that got investments.

7. Applying Growth-Driven Design to Ecommerce Websites

Interested in why the use of Growth-Driven Design (GDD) is an increasingly popular and effective marketing approach? Caroline Ruhland is here to let us in on all the secrets of GDD. She states that it is particularly useful for ecommerce retailers’ websites, and explains why it’s so effective, and how to implement GDD successfully. By adding in a colorful infographic to help make her point, Ruhland does a great job at explain this new marketing approach!  

8. Double Conversion Rates with These 5 Marketing Phrases

Give my latest article a read, and learn about a different perspective on marketing phrases. When creating your marketing campaign the wording is extremely essential, and can make or break your product’s marketability. Take a look at these five tips on how to double your conversion rates by catching your customers eyes and ears with fantastic marketing phrases.  


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