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Top Online Marketing Phrases and Digital Platforms

Top Online Marketing Phrases and Digital Platforms

In the marketing world it’s important to stay on top of all the latest trends. Reaching your customers through every means necessary is key to a successful business model. Personally, I find the best method is by determining your audience, narrowing down what is considered popular within their circle, and then focusing on that specific platform. These days, digital marketing is one of the most common forms of marketing, and when coupled with key marketing phrases this type of advertising can lead your company to success.  

The Key to Online Marketing Phrases

The Counting Room put out a fascinating infographic illustrating the importance of combining social media sites with concepts such as “search engine marketing” and “SEO and content” in your advertising campaign. By implementing digital marketing, you may not need significant capital to keep it running, which is perfect for small businesses. Other key marketing phrases that are important to spread around your office and remember to implement are “online retarget”, “display online ads”, and “reviews”.

By combining these models with popular social media sites such as Pinterest, Instagram and Google plus, your digital marketing strategy will be top notch!


James Mello
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