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Pokémon GO has just become the most popular mobile game in the United States. The game currently has over 21 million active users, passing Candy Crush’s peak of 20 million active users in the U.S. With a huge database of users, marketers are attempting to jump on the bandwagon and take advantage of the trend. Here are some of the strategies marketers have been using to increase sales.  

1. Lure

Certain locations are marked with a bluePokéball, these locations are known as Pokéstops. Users are able to purchase a Lure Module from within the game and attract various Pokémon to that destination. The New York Times published a report on a pizzeria in New York that spent $10 on a lure and saw revenue spike 75%.   Niantic Chief Executive John Hanke told the Financial Times that “sponsored locations,” where companies would pay to become locations in the virtual world in order to drive foot traffic, will be coming to the game.  

2. Gyms

Gyms are where users can go and train their Pokémon and fight against other Pokémon. Gyms can be any of three colors, yellow, blue or red, depending on which user took hold of the gym last. The gyms serve as a way for users to get in-app money for more items along with experience and bragging rights. Companies can use these gyms in order to advertise their product there or hand out free samples and enjoy the foot-traffic that will come of it.  

3. Contests

Some businesses have launched contests in which participants take a picture of themselves capturing a Pokémon at their location. Seeing as users don’t need much of an incentive to go out and capture Pokémon, this can be a low cost and high-reward benefit. gokemongo     gokemongo1     gokemongo2   These were just some of the ways marketers have been using Pokémon GO to increase revenue. I imagine that in the coming weeks we will be seeing many more interesting and inventive ways users use this app to bring in more leads and sales.  


James Mello
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