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4 months after buyinBitstrips, the company behind Bitmoji, Snapchat has finally revealed it intended use of its recent acquisition, announcing this via an interesting blog post.   Users are now able to send their bitmojis by chat or by snap.
  Bitmojis let users create their own personal emoji, but with a more personal touch. Bitmojis can be made to resemble the users actual image and convey a whole array of new emotions, emotions that can’t be portrayed with the current set of emojis.   Users simply need to connect their Bitmoji account to their Snapchat account, and just like that, they will be able to use their bitmoji in Snapchat conversations. Users can also extend a friend request to other users using bitmoji, enabling them to use that user’s bitmoji as well.   While this is certainly a neat feature, the great part about this announcement is the way the company decided to release this information to the public. Snapchat decided to share this release on its blog by using a cartoon comic strip, which is quite appropo considering the news.   Only a month ago, we saw Tumblr using this out-of-the-box marketing tactic in order to announce its video streaming update. I wonder if this is a trend that other companies will begin to implement as well. It’s certainly a funner way to get updated on what is going on with the company.  


James Mello
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