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Stay up to date with the newest product and content marketing news and techniques with our monthly roundup. Learn about an exciting new announcement from Snapchat, be reminded of the pitfalls in product marketing, see what’s really important in personalization, and brush up on your sales and marketing skills with our July’s recommendations:

1. Pitfalls in Product Marketing: 7 Mistakes to Avoid at Launch

When creating a marketing strategy for your product there are many guidelines you must abide by. In addition, there are various issues that can arise, and you should always make sure your team is aware of a potential crisis in order to avoid making these mistakes. This useful article provides a list of seven common mistakes that cause issues during a product launch.  

2. How to Build and Scale a Product Marketing Function

Eric Bisceglia discusses some common misconceptions about product marketing, and provides a well-rounded explanation of what product marketing really is. In order for companies to successfully market their product they must understand the stages and details of product marketing, and how to apply those strategies to their own product. Take a look at this helpful read that not only explains product marketing, but the practical application as well.  

3. 7 Personalization Principles to Create Exceptional Sales and Marketing Experiences

In his fascinating article, Peter Psichogios writes about how companies can personalize their strategies to excel in today’s economy. He provides a comprehensive list of different options available for marketers to create unique and successful sales and marketing strategies for both customers and employees.  

4. The Ultimate Marketing Machine

Due to the ever changing society we live in, the marketing strategies of ten years ago are completely different than those of today. With the quick evolution of technology, marketers are forced to change their marketing techniques and tools. However, according to this interesting article many companies have yet to change the original structure of their marketing strategies. Find out why this is, and how to become the change within your own company.  

5. 4 Groundbreaking Market Strategies to Skyrocket Your Startup

In the world of product marketing it’s crucial to focus on popular marketing trends in order to reach as many customers as possible. This stems from extensive market research, which provides data that allows marketers to understand their customers on a whole different level. Take a look at these four innovative strategies that will help you reach your target audience with a better marketing campaign.

6. 30 Budget-Friendly Marketing Ideas: For Your New Small Business

Starting a new business is challenging, as we all know, and there are many roadblocks that can get in your way. Especially when you have to think of creative ideas in order to get your business off the ground. Well, this article will surely help you take off. With 30 fantastic marketing tips and suggestions, writer Julia Melymbrose provides a great handbook for startups to begin marketing their product.    

7. 5 Content Marketing Ideas for August 2016

Get ahead of your peers, and read up on some of the newest content marketing ideas predicted to be very popular next month. By utilizing various events in August, Armando Robbio lists some useful suggestions for content marketing from back-to-school content, to the Summer Olympic Games which should create a ton of buzz for your product.  

8. Snapchat Enables Bitmoji Messaging, and Announces it in a Very Creative Way

Find out all about Snapchat’s newest emoji features from Bitmoji, an application that allows users to create a personal emoji. This is very exciting new feature that allows users to send their Bitmojis either through chat or snap.      


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