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Best Product2Market Articles this Month

Best Product2Market Articles this Month

This month was full of fascinating and innovative new ideas for us marketers. I’ve compiled a list of some of the best articles I came across over the past couple weeks, which include a range of topics. From connecting to your customers through mobile devices, to new useful tips and ideas about the concept of product marketing. In addition, a new platform was introduced called SSP, along with a list of a few growth hacking tools for those startup marketers, this collection has it all!  

1. 19 Link Building / Outreach Strategies that WORK

In this well-written article by Ryan Stewart, he outlines 19 essential outreach strategies that are guaranteed to make a difference in your marketing outcome. When marketing your product you always want more traffic to flow onto your site naturally, and these links hold the key of how to increase the amount of people that view your website. Stewart offers step by step instructions on how to secure the link on your site for each type of marketing tactic from resource pages to guest posts. If you’re looking to improve the content of your site this is the article for you!
Improve Clickability by Guiding Users to Where You Want Them to Go

2. How Marketers Should Connect With Mobile- Focused Consumers

In today’s world full of people who are constantly accessing their smartphones and tablets, sometimes on an hourly basis, it is crucial that marketers reach that population. According to Clare Lane, there is no separation between mobile and desktop users. Instead marketers need to only focus on the growing number of smartphone users. In her article, Lane discusses the importance that marketers learn how to satisfy multi-device behavior, measure phone calls and app installs, and manage consumers through all the departments. In this fast paced world where the newest technology is always around the corner, marketers need to redesign their techniques to speak the mobile-focused consumers of today.  

3. MerTech Landscape: What is a Supply-side Platform (SSP)?

In this fascinating article, Ginny Marvin discusses Supply-side platforms, and how they can benefit product advertisement. SSPs allow publishers to sell digital ad impressions in automated actions. Meaning publishers have a whole list of new options of how they want to publicize their product. Marvin bases his article off the newest MerTech technology, which I think is fascinating to learn about, and can even give your some of your ideas on how to better market your product.

4. Growth Hacking Tools for Startup Marketers

Are you a successful marketer but coding just isn’t your thing? Well, have no fear, Vanhishikikha Bhargava is here to present some important tools that actually do the job for you. How cool is that!? There is KingSumo, which is designed to increase traffic on your website by multifold, or Sell Hack, which that finds the email address of a person for you so you can maintain contact with all those important people. The only thing you need to do is find the right one that applies to your product and voila!

5. How Google’s AMP Will Influence Your Online Marketing

The Google AMP Project is a method of fast-tracking content to mobile devices. It’s different from the traditional model because it relies on content on a specific from of HTML to get the job done and improve your design. Chapman Lever discusses just how useful the Google AMP Project is to marketers, because it allows users to see the articles and content that loads up to 10 times faster than traditionally formatted content. Same content, but at a much higher speed improving the quality of your content.  

6. The Market-Not Product-Lifecycle

E.M. (Mick) Kolassa talks about a concept we’re all familiar with- the product lifecycle. Something we may not all be familiar with however, is where the general rules for the model originate from. Kolassa discusses the concepts of adoption, technology in relation to the lifecycle model, and ties it all together by identifying the marketer’s role in the whole thing. This is a vert fascinating article, which discusses a concept we all know about, but takes a different stance.

7. The Hierarchy of Engagement

Creating and maintaining a successful user engagement and marketing campaign is tough, but strong marketing is the key to a successful company. Sarah Tavel discusses the challenges and situations companies encounter when moving up in the hierarchy of business. She states that the best product fuel a company’s success, and presents her idea of the “hierarchy of engagement”, which breaks down the steps in creating and maintaining a prosperous company.  

8. 3 Reasons Your Business Needs a Custom Facebook Cover Design

In one of my recent blog posts I focused on a very interesting infographic that presents fascinating statistics on the importance of a company’s social media pages.  By keeping up to date with your social media pages, customers are more likely to check them more often, and stay more involved. 99designs sites some pretty interested numbers based on their studies, which I know taught me a lot about the importance of customizing your designs.          


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