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While creating a digital marketing strategy for your clients you should be clear about your development plans for the future. While developing the strategy, you should make sure that your clients understand that the strategy is aligned with the structure and idea of their business. Secondly, you should ensure that the profits and ROI earned through that strategy will be going right to your clients.

Creating a Digital Marketing Strategy That Works

Planning and Assessment of Marketing Needs When creating an effective digital marketing strategy for your client, you should start with defining the goal you want to achieve in regard to their products, services and brands. Initially you should start with breaking up the information of all the aspects of the brand according to their age, value and location. According to various experts in the field of developing marketing strategies, you must start with analyzing the brand on the basis of their presence, perception, influence, viral potential and resonance. Presence helps you in measuring the footprints of the brand whereas perception allows you to measure emotional reactions towards it. Influence helps you in knowing the adoption level of the brand and viral potential of the brand allows you to know the reviews of the people participating in the discussion. Overall reactions on the brand in the conversation can be known through its resonance. After assessing the current potentials of a brand you can easily categorize its prospective customers which will help you in connecting the brand to their most sensitive points along with recognizing their points of motivation in this regard. Creation and Launching Your Message After recognizing the prospective customers of the brand and their sensitive points along with the current position of your brand, the strategy developer should formulate a message on the basis of these questions:
  • What story do you want to tell to your customers?
  • How will your targeted customers react to this story?
  • How will your story  affect their emotions?
  • Can can your story fulfill the emotional needs of your targeted customers?
  • How can your story encourage your customers to be active and purchase your products and service?
This narrative attitude will help in socializing the benefits of your brands, products and services. These stories can help the businesses in initiating interaction with their customers. Choosing the Right Platform While creating a digital marketing strategy for a brand, its products and services, the right platform and the technologies used play a great role. Understanding the customers in respect of their location, age and lifestyle is also important for a marketing strategy developer. The technologies and platforms used for developing a marketing strategy vary with the change in customer base of the brand. For instance, if as a retailer you have discovered, on the basis of your research, that Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and various other social platforms like Fancy and Pinterest can help your brand in reaching your targeted customers then you should use them for this purpose. Several businesses are using mobile networks after discovering that large numbers of the customers of their brand are active through their mobile devices to get information about it. So you must develop a marketing strategy that can define the experience of your customers about your brand, products and services. The platform should be selected on the basis of these questions:
  • How can your customers get information about your brand, products and services?
  • Which social platform do they use to get this information?
  • Can the platform or technology used by you serve your purpose?
  • What role social media can play in your strategy?
  • How it can separate from your competitors?
In this phase it is important to create Key Performance Indicators across the platforms and channels to understand their reactions about your brand and assessing the returns received from each channel. It will help you set realistic expectations from your brand on the basis of the awareness and engagement of the customers and the online sales of the brand, which is more important for its success. Involvement and Promotion While developing a successful marketing strategy your approach should be realistic and consistent. In development phases of a strategy, it is important to ensure that your brand meets the requirements of KPIs by ensuring its consistent presence on all the major platforms selected by you. Constant execution of the strategy depends on various factors like: Create a timeline to keep them involved: A calendar should be created to show the marketing efforts you are making on various channels for promoting your brand. You can also use it as a benchmark for the digital strategy you are developing. Consistency: The story you have presented in your message for marketing your brand should be consistently used on all the channels so that you can connect more prospective customers to it. According to various experts in social networks the brands should focus on the personal lives and experiences of the communities they want to keep engaged. Instead of inventing new social marketing strategies, which can decrease their participation by increasing friction, they should focus on their behavior. Your digital strategy should include services and influential approach to keep your customers involved with your brand. On the basis of personal resonance and relevance regarding your brand you can use bloggers and other influencers related to your brand. The new marketing strategies being based on consumer experience and social commerce influencers play a great role in their success. Calculation and Assessment You can easily meet the goals you set in the developing phase of the digital marketing strategy by creating a feedback loop on the basis of the engagement of your customers in regard to your brand. You can continuously assess and change your digital strategy on the basis of the information collected through various digital initiatives and campaigns to make it successful. It is important to calculate and assess every thing at every step as a successful marketer. You must use social tools in each of your digital marketing campaign to get information about the performance and changes needed in your brand to make it more according to the needs of your customers. By implementing the tips provided here you can really ensure you create a digital marketing strategy that really works.



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