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There are over 100 viral marketing examples from which you can learn how to boost your brand and meet your marketing objectives. When someone says that content has gone viral, they mean that piece of content has not only been well received but is also widely shared.  Going viral is a major goal for almost all content creators. Unfortunately, even great content on the internet today do not enjoy widespread attention from internet users. However, content created with a full understanding of what makes it viral will definitely capture the attention of an online audience. In short, you have to think of effective techniques you can use to spread ideas that will market your business or cause. When you have the right material to put out there, it should be easy to attract both attention and discussion. Best content relies on two things. First, it is content worth sharing. Lastly, it is content shared widely enough to reap the benefits of the network on which they are shared. Viral content is hilarious, it has the power to make you break from the seriousness of the daily grind and make you laugh. Viral content is incredible because you cannot stop sharing with friends, colleagues and families to get a similar reaction. Most importantly, content is viral because it agrees with the general worldview of people. It is easy to share content that backs up human values and reinforces the worldview.

Viral Marketing Examples You Should Check Out

Ronaldinho: The Touch of Gold (Nike) Nike is a company that deals with footwear; manufacturing and selling of new boots to football players. In this video, football start Ronaldinho takes the delivery of a new pair of boots and spends a couple of minutes demonstrating his football skills. His football skills are amazing, making this the best football video the internet audience has ever seen. This video has had over 23.5 million views on YouTube alone. This is certainly one of the best viral marketing examples. Guitar ( The Guitar video is one such video that shows viral marketing in the simplest form possible. The developer of this content does the task in a simple and an amazing manner. He has a guy playing guitar, he captures the video and uploads it to the website ( and writes a quick, short yet comprehensive piece of note saying that the guy learned playing guitar from This video has had 45 million viewers who hope that they could learn how to play guitar somehow, like the guy in the video. Guerilla Tactic The Guerilla tactic is probably one of the best ways to create a viral marketing campaign for your business and or brand. It is about creating a story worth talking about. Coming up with something that has been among people for a long time with an intention for bring an immediate change to internet and business online. A scene once created by the WePay Company is something worth telling a story on. The Company actually left a 600-pound block of ice in the front of a PayPal Conference. This brilliant execution completely changed the way PayPal handles its activities today. Before then, people were complaining of PayPal freeing their accounts, banning them from withdrawing their hard-earned money. Being locked out and ignored was enraging for buyers and sellers on the internet. The action by WePay against PayPal’s staunch behavior of locking people from accessing their accounts and freezing was in no way pointless. In fact, it got millions of people talking about the problem WePay wanted to address. This is also one of the most memorable viral marketing examples. Hotmail Hotmail is an email service company that has been picking up from viral marketing. What the Company did was to include a sigline on every outgoing email asking members to join. If you were looking for one of the earliest form of viral marketing on the internet today, this would be the best example to look at. The Subservient Chicken The content is from a creepy webcam website that went viral within a few weeks. The creepy webcam was made for a Burger King campaign. The content allowed people to control a person dressed in a chicken suit. The content went viral instantly and within a few weeks, every person who knew about this was talking about it. Baking Growth in the Product Baking growth in the product is a techniques developed by the Diamond Candles Company. With the knowledge that over 90% of home fragrance are bought by women, the company decided to come up with an unusual strategy to get women to talk about their products. The technique used by the Diamond Candle to get women talking about the products is below. The Company decided to include a ring in every Diamond Candle. The founder made sure that the rings are not cheesy. They made sure that the packaging was creating, inviting, engaging and exciting. They include a real diamond ring, worth up to $5000 in a candle. Viral Series It is not easy to get people talking about something boring like the blenders. It is difficult for blenders to have social currency. Blendtech wanted to find out how they can address this issue and be able to sell their product without any difficulty. The exact answer to this question was found in the series “will it blend?” This is a video collection of Blendtech that destroys popular items that should not be in the blender. This video showcased how rugged Blendtech blenders were, eventually making this a topic of discussion in a way that would help promote and sell the Blend tech brand. Interactivity When people come together and do something great as a group, they create lasting memories that get them talking about what they have done. It is also easy to get other people talking about what they have seen happen. This is the case with the subservient chicken. This is where people are able to give commands to a guy in dressed in a chicken suit and later recommend him for doing a great job. Going through these viral marketing examples will help you get inspired to create the awareness for your product you are looking for.



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