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It seems to me I just did this literally this month. But, by the rate of people who keep asking about product promotion strategies, either I dreamed all of that in a vivid way I never thought possible, or somehow the entire population of the solar system missed the post somehow. Have I mentioned before that I hate, hate repeating myself like this? I’m going to blame the internet for this, go over these product promotion strategies one more time, and pray that it takes this time, so we can talk about more interesting things for a few months. Sound good? A Problem: Exactly what, in 2014, am I supposed to even say that hasn’t been said a million times over the twentieth century, or a thousand times in the twenty first? Nothing new and amazing has happened since the last time I talked about this, at which time I had nothing new to say then either. So … all I can really do is a multiple whammy when it comes to repetition here. Ancient Stuff: I suppose we’ll touch on the ancient stuff still in use first. I’m as tired of describing this as you surely are of hearing about it now. But, you’re of course familiar with guerilla marketing. It’s the approach of using signage all over public areas where it can’t be missed, but doesn’t heckle the prospects in the process. This is actually a pricy but very effective practice, so honestly, I say use it if it’s practical for you. As for the other more ancient strategy, of annoying people with commercial interruptions in multimedia? No, don’t do that. It’s horrible, it makes customers hate you, and it creates media pirates who seek to escape being rudely interrupted every eight minutes to have ads thrown in their faces. This one just needs to go away forever. The Slightly Less Ancient: Well, that brings us to the dawn of the digital millennium, which brought marketing tactics like banner ads, pop ups and spam. Well, spam evolved into email marketing which in modern forms works well if not abused. As for banner ads … it’s iffy right now, but we’ll find a way to coexist with them in time, so don’t let go of it. Popups though, and interstitials and the like … those need to go away just like commercial interruptions. Really, very obnoxious stuff. The Modern Stuff: And that finally brings us to the modern stuff we’ve come to adopt in the last few years. Harnessing viral video, using social media marketing with proactive relationship links to prospects and customers, and content marketing with SEO over blogging and social media channels as well. These are still somewhat new, so we are really waiting for strategies with these to be well documented and to stand the test of time. Maybe then, when I talk about these, I’ll have something new and interesting to say! Conclusion: Well, that’s product promotion strategies in a nut shell, from the old hangers on, to the relics of digital transition and the new tactics looking to strengthen marketing while taking the annoyance bite out of it at the same time. What more can we say?



James Mello
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