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#1- Who Owns Pricing? Written by Mark Stiving, this article is about who is responsible for the sometimes staggering prices of certain products. The product lines, the marketing campaign or the sales operation are three of the potentially responsible areas. However, the truth is that all these departments and many others are responsible for the final price of a product or service. #2- Paid Search On Retailer’s Sites Certainly Pays Off For Product Brands Jonathan Opdyke writes that paid search can turn out to be a great long-term investment for world-renowned brands. Although paid searches do require an initial investment that can sometimes cost large retailers tens of thousands or maybe even millions of dollars, this will surely pay off in the long run. Paid search can help product brands expand their target market, increase their revenue and improve their brand awareness, all at the same time with only a minor investment. #3- Owners And Marketers Are Totally Different Written by Chris Brogan, this article offers a closer look at the main difference between owners and marketers. The owner is the person who has the business and decides what happens with it, while the marketer is the one responsible with selling its product or service. Without a skilled and experienced marketer, there is no owner. #4- Do You Love Your Customers? Seth Godin writes that the message you send over to your customer can determine your success in the business industry. Your customers must feel loved and appreciated for their actions, rather for the fact that their money keeps your business up and running. Without sufficient compensation, there is no business to start from in the first place. #5- Five Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid And here’s one by me- Some marketing mistakes can wreak havoc on the reputation of a company as well as on the overall sales. Being too vague or designing a marketing campaign that is full of advertising errors will undoubtedly have a negative effect on that company’s image. At the same time, it is also very important to avoid branding errors.



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