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Do We Really Care Whether iPhone 7 is Going to Be Revolutionary?

Do We Really Care Whether iPhone 7 is Going to Be Revolutionary?

It’s happening tomorrow. For real. Finally. On 10 a.m. PDT, Apple will release the highly anticipated iPhone 7. Surrounding the event itself, there is much hype and excitement. Some of this excitement comes from the almost definitive announcement of the iPhone 7. Another part of the excitement comes from the mystery, Apple has given us no information as to what to expect, and we will be in the dark until the event begins. iphone 6 Don’t get me wrong, there are certainly many speculations, rumors and reliable leaks, especially ones saying it won’t be offering much more than iPhine 6S, but nothing that has been confirmed by the company. Apple enjoys keeping its fans and the press in suspense, but why? Simply put, Apple is able to save tons of money on traditional marketing campaigns, by allowing the media and fansites to do the work for them. One question that bothers many non-Apple users, is how is Apple able to charge so much more than some of its competitors? To that I respond with three words: Unique Selling Proposition. Apple can charge hundreds of dollars more than it’s competitors by being branded with the Apple logo. The Apple logo carries with it the promise of speed, beauty, and status. From kids to grandparents, one of Apple’s main successes has been branding itself as “simple”. From the company’s website to its products everything is simple and sleek. Take a look a look at this advertisement on Apple’s website. There is a very simplistic style to this ad that encourages consumers to tune in. iphone 7 Nonetheless, it’s hard to ignore Apple’s very high-profile sales drop. In Q3, the company has reported a 15 percent drop in iPhone sales (40.4 million in comparison to 47.5 million this time last year.) It seems like buyers have finally started seeing beyond Apple’s brilliant marketing strategies straight into the actual added value of the product. Question is now, will it last? If you ask me, and the media that’s been building up the suspense as the release gets closer, iPhone 7 will sell, big time, but only as long as it will keep up with Apple’s standards. It won’t be revolutionary, and it doesn’t need to be. As a matter of fact, the discussion about whether it’s going to be revolutionary or not much different than it’s predecessor has only made the interest grow. Apple has done a beautiful job of marketing the iPhone 7, by allowing the media and fans to do the work for them. After spending much time building up the brand into what it is today, Apple’s marketing team can rest at ease knowing that there will be a long lines out every door to buy its newest product.


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