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Due to the realization that the average person can not create a well edited video, and our generation is becoming quicker paced, still photos have become boring. Companies such as Apple announced it’s automated movie maker, Memories, and Google photos has Movie Assitant. Now Facebook is hopping on the bandwagon and releasing its own automated movie maker, Slideshow.   With Facebook’s release to iOS users, whenever you post a status with more than five videos or photos, Facebook will automatically suggest for you to create a slideshow. Additionally when viewing your friends slideshows, Facebook might offer for you to try it out for yourself.   The slideshow process is entirely automated, combining all the photos and videos, and adding transitions as well as music. Users can change the theme of the slideshow, as well as edit, add or remove images.   “We all know that people love to snap photos and share what they’ve been up to on the weekends, whether it’s a family gathering, a road trip with friends, or even an epic brunch, and this fun new feature will let you stitch together those special photos into a format that captures the spirit of the event.” Facebook explained with their release.   According to TechCrunch, Facebook has seen a drop in the amount of users sharing personal content, and people are opting to share news articles instead. It seems as though users are switching over to Snapchat in order to share their personal memories.   Slideshow might give users incentive to start sharing more than just one photo, and their friends might actually watch these slideshows, with the music and transitions giving the visuals added interest.   Facebook is attempting to remain the dominant social media platform and market themselves as the kings of content, in which users not only share their ideas, but their memories as well. The company hopes that “Slideshow” will be able to do the trick, and bring customers back from rivaling platforms, such as Snapchat.
The only questions that remains is, will Facebook be able to bring back some of its younger users from Snapchat, or is the company fighting a lost cause? Can one platform be king of all other social media platform?


James Mello
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