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For companies looking for another way to connect with consumers, Twitter is offering another solution, Twitter Dashboard. The standalone application is available on mobile and web, the service offers tools to businesses, such as, tools for scheduling posts, insights, analytics, etc.   This new service is mostly targeted to smaller- medium sized businesses, to offer them a basic suite of business tools, to reach a bigger audience. Whereas bigger companies will likely to continue use a more advanced set of tools from Twitter’s partners.   One exciting feature for businesses is that the Dashboard includes the ability to monitor specific tweets or hashtags. This way if a business isn’t mentioned directly via @mention, they will still be able to answer customers questions or concerns. Additionally they will more easily be able to track competitors as well, seeing what their consumers are saying.   Third-party providers have already had a solution for scheduling tweets for quite a while now, but it’s better for Twitter to join the game late over never. The Dashboard service from the web allows companies to schedule tweets ahead of time to reach their audience in their peak.   For marketers running their companies social media platforms, they won’t need to think of what they should post on Twitter, because Dashboard has that area covered. One of the features included in the service will suggest tweets or retweets that it thinks will be popular in gaining attention.   In Twitter’s blog post on Dashboards release, they share how businesses intend to integrate Dashboard’s tools for their marketing strategy.     “Being able to easily schedule Tweets and manage my queue with Twitter Dashboard is critical to staying on track with our engagement campaigns on Twitter.” Logan Robinson, Social Media Manager @GarnetandGold “From our first use we could tell Twitter Dashboard would become an essential tool for our business. Not only is scheduling Tweets now a seamless experience, but having access to a custom timeline is helping us identify the best opportunities to engage with our customers and potential customers on Twitter.” Jeff Kitchen, Online Community Manager @Crutchfield This platform might just be able to give confidence for beginner marketers to experiment new ways of engaging customers, with easier and more accessible tools.


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