Great Infographic: What Influences Purchase of Your Product Or Service?

In order to be effective at influencing a consumer’s purchase, brands need to thoroughly understand the footprint of their brand’s communications.

This involves marketplace mapping and comprehending how this is related to consumer purchase decision-making. Today, in order to be effective, marketing requires a sound appreciation of buyer behavior prior to, during and after the transaction.

According to this infographic by Smart Insights, there are several aspects that influence a purchase and all of them need to be successfully understood: the zero moment of truth, the first moment of truth, the purchase decision, the second moment of truth, the trigger and the initial consideration set. All brands create a footprint, both directly and indirectly, by the encounters that take place in a marketing sense and in the store and there are several touch points that influence a purchase, which need to be effectively understood to accurately influence a purchase.


Consumer Journey touch-points ZMOT McKinsey



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