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Case Study: How to Introduce a New (Somewhat Complicated) Product to Consumers It is not easy to introduce a new product to the market, especially if it seems to be based on a relatively old concept. People might mistake it for the same old story. Ilan Mochari shares the story of one company which has successfully introduced their new chocolate product in a market that is flooded with chocolate adverts. 3 Reasons Why Co-Making is the Future of Branding Everyone thinks that patenting their ideas and owning them is the best way to go. But they’re all wrong, according to Devin Liddell. Find out why David thinks that co-making is the way to go. What Olive Garden Can Teach B2B Companies About Innovation Innovation is the buzzword in product marketing today. Read Jeff Lash’s story to find out how innovation can change your product marketing experience. The Crucial Steps to Actually Quantifying Your Customer Personas Do you really know who your buyers are? Patrick Campbell has three steps that you need to follow to understand your customers’ attributes. He offers five useful tips. Oscar-Worthy Product Marketing Lessons With Oscars having taken place a couple of weeks ago, there are a lot of lessons that product marketers can learn from this annual event. I personally learned 5 worthy lessons. Read this article to find 5 ways on how to prepare a product marketing campaign that deserves an “Oscar.”



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