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The Oscars take place this year on March 2. Last year’s Oscars ceremony was an exception, in that it actually produced relevant Product Marketing material. In case you missed it, last year dozens of big-name brands tried out Real Time Marketing (#RTM), modeled after Oreo’s Super Bowl success. The lesson for us marketers: Don’t try it. This Marketing initiative failed miserably. But that was last year. So what’s there for us to discuss this year? Keep reading for 5 Oscar-Winning Product Marketing Lessons- these tips are both Oscar-worthy and Oscar themed (how’s that for branding?)


1. Communicate Clearly: Remember when James Franco hosted at the Oscars? Neither do I. That’s probably because he was so ‘tired’ that nothing he said could be understood. Here, we are reminded of the importance of clear communication. In order to show customers that the product you are offering is truly worthwhile, you need to show them what it is all about, and how it benefits them. Just as the host effectively introduces presenters, likewise, as product marketers, we must make sure that we value clear communication and good presentation, so that potential customers get to know what you are offering, and are encouraged to try it out. 2. Keep the Content Interesting: If an award winner is boring or talks for too long, or thanks too many people and God, he will be sung off with the famous Oscar tune.  Similarly, if you want to make sure that you turn potential customers into loyal ones, you need to make it a point to come up with new and interesting ways that will keep your content interesting. Keep content simple and to the point. 3. Reward Accomplishments: The Oscars is a night of rewarding excellence. Likewise, achievements in product marketing should be acknowledged and rewarded. Employees can be awarded in various ways. They should be shown appreciation and recognition. A strategic reward system can be a valuable way of improving your company’s success as it will motivate workers a great deal. Similarly, you can reward customers for their loyalty. Celebrate a customers’ birthday or 1 year anniversary of the date they first subscribed to your services. Take the opportunity presented by the Oscars to show your appreciation for those that are responsible for your product’s success. 4. Strive for Greatness: All Oscar winners have proven that they were the very best, and they kept working to remain the best. This sort of ambition should be replicated in business settings. Besides doing your best to be unique and innovative, you need to keep working on new ways that will help you retain that uniqueness. 5. Accept defeat with Grace: As any other thing in life, not every product is going to be the award-winner, especially with the many competitors on the market. It’s human nature, however, to feel uneasy when you are not a market leader. Keep your cool. Just like most actors who did not manage to win an Oscar award, you should accept the defeat with grace, and take the opportunity to work harder so as to excel in the future. Keep your chin up. Your time to shine will come. To Sum Up Oscar night isn’t always worthy of a busy product marketer’s time. But, we found value in it last year (or at least a good enough excuse to justify the 4 hour extravaganza) and we found value in it again this year. So, as the award for Movie of the Year is presented, keep these 5 tips in mind and carry them with you to work the next morning and throughout the week.


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