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Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that has emerged recently in which focus is placed on key individual or types of individuals rather than the target market as a whole. It identifies individuals who have the greatest influence over buyers and orients marketing activities around these influencers. Besides influencing potential buyers, influencer marketers can also be potential buyers themselves or they can be third party. When they are third party, they will exist either as supply chain (manufactures or retailers) or they may be value added influencer such as professional adviser academics journalist or industrial analyst.

Influencer Marketing Strategy – Tools You Should Use

1. Twitter Twitter is a popular micro blogging platform that allows its users to connect with other people all around the world. You can share your thoughts, information and even share links with users all around the globe. This is actually one tool that influencer marketers should use to influence both industry peers and potential customers. They should use Twitter to monitor competitor buzz and also to generate their own buzz in order to gain a large number of followers. Since influencer marketers are the type of people who actually have the greatest influence on potential buyers, they should use Twitter to reach out to people and convince them why they should buy a certain product or service. 2. Facebook To date, Facebook is the largest social networking site that allows people to connect. Influencer marketers should use this platform to connect with potential customers and other industries through leads. By sharing information and creating digital connections with potential customers, influencer marketers are able to strengthen long term relationships with both current and potential customers. It is actually a great tool that influencer marketers should use to communicate and influence potential customers. 3. Blogging  Blogging is another tool that influencer marketers should use to communicate and talk to potential customers. It is actually a great tool that influencer marketer should use to showcase their expertise. It will allow them to create long term posts that can spark hot discussion and also serve as news announcement. Influencers are not only groups of individuals that have greatest influence to potential customers, but they can also be buyers. By blogging, they will also create a chance to directly reach to other influencers and make a deal with them. 4. Speaker guilds Long before internet social networking existed, speaker guilds were actually a primary way that influencers use to communicate with potential customers. Some influencer marketers still use this platform to communicate and influence potential buyers. This platform allows influencer marketers to talk directly to people thus convincing them why they should actually buy a certain product. Conclusion In conclusion, influencer marketing is a great strategy that can help your marketing efforts take off. By using the right strategies and tools, influencer marketing can really change the state of your company or business because they know whom to target and also what to say to potential customers. The above mentioned tools are the platforms that influencer marketing use to talk and influence potential customers.



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