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I recently watched a great promotional video entitled “Fall in love with SAP.” It caught my attention because well, we know that all too often new employees are so confused by SAP they rarely (if ever) fall in love with it. But that’s what makes this little promotional piece so interesting. Not only is it adorable and catchy but it lets new employees relax a little. They aren’t alone. It can be difficult! All they really need is someone or something to clarify it for them and this video lets them know exactly how that may happen. As marketing goes it’s close to perfect. It’s message “people and processes unified” is most excellently presented here. It’s presented clearly and with focus on the critical message. The product can provide clarity for employees confused by SAP and it delivers this message in a fun and engaging way. This quirky and fun promotional clip is a good example of marketing ingenuity. The marketers kept it simple, let potential customers engage with the information, didn’t overload them with flash and didn’t insult them. It’s under a minute in length and so it keeps your attention throughout. It’s also memorable. Without being overloaded with information or voice-overs it or It stands out as different than many of the video ads we see. This keeping it simple strategy is part of why its so effective. But perhaps more importantly, this video is a good example of what happens when you understand your customers well and use that information to make a statement about your product. They attempted to entertain and deliver its products key message and they were successful. Don’t make your customers struggle to find the message in your marketing. Let them laugh and be entertained a little and in general, be sure that you’re speaking clearly to their challenges. Be sure that your message is clear and test this with others. Will they remember your product or just the content of the ad? This was a great video which succeeded in getting my interest and making the product possibilities clear. Achieving strong marketing effectiveness is difficult but this business is clearly up to the task. Take a look for yourself and better understand how often the most ingenious marketing solutions are often the most simple.


James Mello
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