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It Can’t Get Much Better Than These 5 Marketing Articles

It Can’t Get Much Better Than These 5 Marketing Articles

Marketers and Sales people are very busy, there is always another blurb need to be written, another lead waiting for our presentation and the list goes on. But now it’s time to take a pause and read this weekly top 5 articles on marketing.

5 Strategies for Crafting a Winning Sales Presentation

Revenue is the number 1 measurement for businesses and this leads to a sales and marketing centered view. That makes a good salesman the core of a company’s success. In this article, Filipe Silva covers 5 strategies that’ll significantly improve your sales pitch and even cover some unique psychological aspects to selling.  

The New iPhone 6S: What’s The Big Deal?

Time to learn from the marketing experts at Apple – Every year they do again, they present a new product, the fans cheer and wait for it and then everyone everywhere speaker about their latest release. How do they do it? The secret sauce and some insider’s tips are all this great article by Proctor + Stevenson
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Here’s The Biggest SEO Secret Google Doesn’t Want You To Know

Search Engine Optimization is a whole industry revolving around cracking Google’s search algorithm and use that to promote specific websites. As marketers we find ourselves involved in our Google result ranking quite often. The problem is the fact that this search mechanism is secret and vague; this article by Shark Web clears some things up and even debunks a few myths.  

What is Black Marketing?

I overheard the term Black Marketing in a few conversations before but never really understood what it means until I came across this great article by Chris J Reed, the CEO of a company called Black Marketing. The article mainly includes a great video explaining the basic concepts of black marketing in an engaging manner.  

7 Reasons Why Your Product Launch Was a Failure

Ever heard of Facebook Home? HP Touchpad? The Nook? The Joojoo? Joost? Well, there’s a reason why. All of these products failed miserably. In fact, 70% of all new product launches fail in the first year, according to Juliann Grant from Telesian Technology Inc. Having a product launch fail can be devastating – after all, your team worked hard to develop the product, develop a strategy to go to market and put together a marketing campaign. The silver lining is that you can learn a great deal from these failures. Here are 7 things to avoid that could contribute to an unsuccessful product launch.  


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