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If you’re short a ship and a crew, you can still bring home treasure with Krispy Kreme’s Talk Like a Pirate Day fun, and witness another example of great marketing. Today, in spirit of Talk Like A Pirate Day, Krispy Kreme is offering all of its customers the possibility of scoring a free donut by simply talking like a pirate. For the bigger donut enthusiasts whose appetite will not be settled by one donut, customers who show up in a pirate costume will receive a dozen donuts.    If you are a pirate attire is currently stuffed too deep in your closet, fear not – because Krispy Kreme has made it even easier for customers to walk the plank with a dozen donuts. That’s right, mateys! Krispy Kreme has created a special Krispy Kreme’s Geo Filter on Snapchat that allows visitors who can’t find any pirate swag lying around their house join the celebration. This entertaining campaign is more than a fun opportunity for people to win free donuts and amuse themselves with a pirate-themed Snapchat filter – it’s a smart move on behalf of Krispy Kreme.They know who is their target audience and where they are at, and by launching this campaign, they don’t only create enthusiasm, but also turn their customers into advocates by having them share the company logo on social media. krispy-kreme-1 “Talk Like a Pirate Day has become one of our guests favorite days of the year, and this year they will have the opportunity to take part in this day socially using our Snapchat filter,” said Jackie Woodward, Chief Marketing Officer of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. “As this day is all about fun, we see it as a natural extension of our offers to get free Original Glazed doughnuts.” Krispy Kreme is certainly not the first food-chain to take advantage of wacky free food campaigns and implementing social media into its marketing efforts. Back in July we had Chick-Fil-A giving away entrees for customers dressing up like a cow on Cow Appreciation Day. With the food-chain encouraging its customers to spread the word of Snapchat and Twitter. krispy-creme3 krispy-kreme2       Back in April, 7-11 celebrated “Bring Your Own Cup Day” in which customers brought in their own “cup” and filled it up for only $1.50. Thanks to social media and customer creativity this day was a massive success as well.             Companies are beginning to understand better the importance of making sure their marketing efforts fully reach their potential on social media. If Krispy Kreme has a more successful year this year over past years, you can be certain that this was its secret ingredient to success.  


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