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Podcasts are a great way of learning about new advancements in your professional field. Brought to you by the experts themselves, the following list of podcasts contains useful insights into the SaaS industry, and provides new tactics and alternative methods for excelling at your job.  

1. Implementing the Pragmatic Marketing Framework

Pragmatic marketing expert Steve Gaylor provides useful insight into how to get your company to focus their energy into thinking strategically for the best methods to getting your product out on the market. This podcast will not only teach you how to create a market-driven atmosphere within your company, but also provides general helpful marketing tips.  

2. A Marketing Podcast -SEO 101- Getting Started in Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is key to a successful marketing campaign, however at times it’s challenging to tackle this aspect of marketing. This podcast provides some useful tips and advice into how to begin utilizing SEO to advance your company’s marketing efforts.  

3. TMO Background Mode: Former Apple Sr. Director of Product Marketing Michael Gartenberg

Listen to Michael Gartenberg’s wisdom he gained from his position as Apple’s Senior Director of Product Marketing. I always find that learning from others’ experiences is extremely beneficial and educational as success comes from trial and error in order to learn which methods are the right methods. 253

4. Are You An Investor? Here’s How to Bring a Product to Mass Market!

The president of Top Dog Direct, Bill McAlister, shares his thoughts on innovative strategic sales. McAlister discusses the tactics he utilizes in his position of finding products, developing marketing strategies, and implementing campaigns. This podcast provides great insight into how to become a successful marketing expert.  

5. Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

This channel contains an assortment of interesting marketing podcasts, containing topics such as how to choose your ideal audience to the external factors that influence every marketer. With insight and advice from the top experts in the field, each episode contains all sorts of useful advice that marketers both young and old can benefit from.
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