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In the last couple of years, mobile marketing has been one of the most popular ways to promote and marketing products. In fact, we have consistently seen a substantial increase in the number of people using mobile devices, both tablets and smartphones. People not only use smartphones for basic functions, but also for shopping, comparing products and a lot more. Therefore, it makes sense to consider that marketing through mobile will continue to dominate the advertising and marketing industry in the coming years. Here is an overview of some popular mobile marketing elements which continue to play an important role. Location-Based Marketing (Geo-Targeting) In recent years, execution of mobile marketing has completely changed. Companies have been targeting consumers with more relevant products to purchase while they are in the same location. This makes marketing less intrusive and more relevant. These days, you can expect pop ups on your mobile screen about a pizza joint in the area offering a good discount, shoe store offering a clearance sale and so on. In simple terms, real time location based cellphone marketing is dominating the marketing industry. In addition to this, geo-targeted notifications and promotions have also been added to this marketing mix. In recent years, companies have realized the numerous benefits of real time marketing on the basis of GPS location and customer targeting according to physical location nearby restaurants, stores and events. Improved User’s Experience Companies have been focusing on simpler and shorter content. It is customized to appeal in a better way to mobile users. Instead of using long and boring content, companies are focusing on straightforward and to-the-point content. The interface of mobile applications and advertisements is quite simple to improve the overall user experience. For instance, brands are creating short videos and photos for mobile devices and change them every few hours. SMS Texting In recent years, many companies have to tried to market products and services on mobile devices with browsers while using social networking websites, applications and other advertising channels. However, text messaging continues to give a better response rate than other mobile marketing channels. According to some studies and surveys, over 75% of mobile phone users still prefer SMS texting over other marketing and advertising channels. The primary reason is that SMS texting is convenient and simple. In addition to this, most people are used to Short Messaging Service. Thus, it is a well-chosen path for companies. Other marketing channels are relatively new and bother some people. Mobile Advertisements In the coming years, customers will see more mobile advertisements on their smartphones. With increasing competition and tough marketplace, companies will adopt aggressive marketing techniques to make an impression and attract more customers. Moreover, companies will also try to keep existing customers via more mobile advertisements persuading customers to buy their products and services. There are many other elements of mobile advertising, including use of social networking websites, development of numerous mobile applications and so on. In the coming years, mobile marketing will be one of the most popular, important and effective ways to promote and market business organizations and their products.




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