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Most Interesting and Inspiring Product Marketing Articles This Month

Most Interesting and Inspiring Product Marketing Articles This Month

May was a fantastic month for the product marketing world! I found articles discussing interesting concepts such as useful new apps, interactive content, and influencer marketing. I always find it helpful to read what other professionals have to say about product marketing, it’s a great way to discover new ideas and trends. Enjoy!  

1. Interactive Content: The Good, Bad, and Wicked Cool

Jodi Harris dives into the concept of interactive content with her engaging article. She stresses that marketers should begin adding interactive content to their marketing tactics in order to rope in their customers’ interest, and keep it. These days, consumers’ attention span is less than what it used to be, and by adding interactive content to a marketing campaign it’s more likely the customer won’t lose interest as fast. Harris provides us with a detailed description of what interactive content includes, and how to implement it today.  

2. Your CEO Needs These 4 Content Marketing Metrics

Many people think that more “likes” and shares on Twitter and Facebook are metrics to show off to their boss, Elizabeth Clor does not agree at all. Clor states that using vanity metrics can have the opposite effect, and be detrimental to your position. She says that the only metrics worth bringing to your CEO are metrics that show how your work is specifically impacting the company. An employee’s goal should be to show their own marketing progress and the improvements they’ve made personally to their tactics.  

3. Importance of SEO and SEM in Growing Your Online Business?

When building your online business there are some key steps that need to be taken in order to create a successful online presence. This article delves into the topic of the impact SEO and SEM have on an online marketing campaign or business. SEM provides a leg up for small business marketing in particular since they use the strategies already available to market their product. It uses systems that can have an impact on purchase related decisions. SEO on the other hand engages businesses to provide more information such as web content, which creates loyalty through good web content. Both are essential for a successful online business.

4. A Simple Guide to Mastering the Basics of Effective Social Media Advertising

This article provides useful tips on how to successfully create a marketing campaign through social media. From important issues like how to manage a budget when you have to pay the network for continuous advertising, to pinpointing the right channels to even begin marketing, to measuring your success, this guide is extremely helpful. Whether you’ve been in the social media advertising business for a while and looking for some new insights, or just starting out, this article is very useful.  

5. These 5 Apps Will Help You Out-Market the Competition

These days, there is an app for everything and anything. John Boitnott discusses how important it is for companies to utilize the apps available for things like data analysis that can be paired with your CRM software to better understand what your customers want, and give it to them. Boitniott lists five useful apps, proving that there is such a range to choose from, depending on what’s right for you and your company.  

6. 6 Reasons to Boost SEO & Content Investments with Influencer Marketing

By adding influencer marketing to your marketing budget that already includes SEO and content marketing, you will see a higher success rate. This article talks about why marketers should include influencers in their existing campaigns. Including the right influencers will enhance brand discoverability and audience development, which leads to higher ROI among other benefits. After taking a look at these six reasons to add influencers to your marketing campaign, you might reconsider adding them if you haven’t already.  

7. Developing Your Personal Brand

Being aware of your digital brand and presence is essential to successful marketing. It’s important to make sure that you’ve shaped your personal brand through whichever social media sites you prefer in order to successfully market a product. This article provides useful pointers that explain what personal branding actually is, and how to go about tweaking your brand by defining your goals, beliefs and who you are.  

8. 8 Clever Insights I Found This Week on Twitter

I always enjoy reading about new marketing methods from my peers, and I think it’s a very useful tactic to take up in any profession. I know I can always take some new knowledge or tip away from speaking with a colleague. So, I compiled a list of some of the most inspiring and useful Tweets I read recently from some of the biggest influencers in the marketing world.    


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