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Facebook owned Instagram has officially announced that business tools will soon be available for select qualifying accounts. Instagram found that businesses and companies using their platform needed the ability to do more. After interviewing many businesses they found that there were 3 major needs; standing out, gaining insights, and finding new customers. (A need that any marketer can relate to.)  

In order to answer these 3 needs, Instagram Business Tools will include 3 features:

– Business Profiles: A business profile will allow business to stand out and allow users to interact more easily, with a “contact button” which when pressed will allow the consumer to call,text, email and find the location they need.

– Insights: The insights feature aims to give business information on their target audience and which posts “resonate” better. This added insight hopes to give businesses the ability produce more relevant and timely content.

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– Promote: This feature enables you to connect to more customers by promoting already popular posts and turning them into ads. By choosing to turn a post into an ad a button will be added prompting a call for action.

      These tools will be available in the US, Australia and New Zealand in the coming months, and globally available by the end of the year.   Aside from being just another platform in which marketers can reach their target audience, businesses will be able to leverage the use of exciting visuals, such as photos and videos. The targeted ads a company can choose to run are likely to range from tutorials to in-depth product reviews, with endless amounts of possibilities.     I wonder if marketers will be able to use cookies to run followings ads between Facebook and Instagram to generate more leads and sales. This added functionality could become one of the most beneficial features for marketers and would certainly be most appreciated. I think the business tools Instagram is introducing is a good start, on what could be a very lucrative and precise marketing tool. Only question is – will users come?


James Mello
James is the Lead Author & Editor Product2Market of Blog. James writes for the Product2Market blog to create a source for news and discussion about some of the issues, challenges, news, and ideas relating to Product Marketing.