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Though planning for a new product launch marketing sounds simple, the day-by-day increasing competition in the market makes it a bit difficult if you are not careful in this regard. According to expert,s a successful marketing plan for a new product launch can be completed in three phases.

Your New Product Launch Marketing Plan

Phase 1 – Strategic introduction of the product Early adopter target market simulation exercise: First, you will have to stimulate the early adopters in the market by positioning your product in a strategic manner which is one of the most important steps for the successful launching of a new product. While planning the launching strategies, you should start defining the category of your product along with describing its benefits and worth for your customers in comparison to its competitors for not less than 18-24 months in the beginning. You should also be vigilant in getting to know your customers’ response and their expectations from your product in the meantime. Development of brand: Branding of product is another important thing to consider while planning marketing for a new product launch in today’s competitive world. The name, URL and logo of your brand should be attractive and outstanding so that people can recognize it very easily. You should start with already existing attractive and creative URLs along with a rapid program for developing the best brand name for your product. If necessary, you can also create a line slogan for your product so that you can encourage customers to use it. You can also try to give a new look to your brand if you already have a right URL and brand name to make it more attractive; not only for your customers, but for your partners and employees also. Online presence of the product: The increasing popularity of digital marketing and social media has made online presence of your new product necessary for new product launch marketing. Launching a new product online is not so easy these days just as a functional website is no longer enough to provide a noticeable presence to your product. Instead of creating an informative website, you should make it useful for your customers. You can also create a blog and setup a Twitter and Facebook page to create a sense of community. Your website should have good structure, quality content, relevant visual elements, appropriate keywords and SEO tags and it should be launched before launching your product to ensure its online presence. Phase 2: Effective and strategic online marketing  Effective Blog: In creating a successful and effective marketing strategy, a blog plays a great role. Nearly half of American companies are using this modern marketing strategy to support their products in their online presence through social as well as digital network marketing activities. Your blog should improve the strategic positioning of the company while promoting its products and services categorically by defining its credentials and benefits along with its leadership qualities in today’s competitive marketplace. Partnering and digital PR: You can also use some partnering program and digital PR for supporting the online presence of your product through social media networks. It helps not only in encouraging traffic, communications, association and networking but also in checking the online reputation and reviews about the company. Guerrilla marketing and viral videos: Guerrilla marketing and viral video programs are also used these days in the B2C and B2B environments to increase awareness about the products. But to get desired results, these programs should be created and executed carefully otherwise they can be harmful for the marketing of your product. Usually these programs are used to make new and original ideas widely known. Link spreading and search engine optimization: In order to provide solid technical support to the online presence of your product, SEO activities are a must. They can dynamically increase the affect of digital PR, blog and marketing activities of social media. Similarly, a link spreading strategy can positively affect the new product launch marketing, if it is tightly harmonized with social media marketing and digital PR programs. Keywords play a great role in improving the marketing of your product as they can be developed, searched and extended to improve your content. Phase 3: Execution of online marketing for future Tactical PR: The digital PR activities for your company and product should be a bit different and unique so that it can attract more and more people to it. After establishing your product in the market you can arrange some high impact and awareness events to improve your presence and recognition among your customers. It must be interesting for the participants so that more and more people can be encouraged to join you. Advertising through internet: After successfully launching your product, it should be advertised through internet for further enhancement and extension. You should develop an extensive online advertising program for your product along with the strategies you already have to prove its online presence. You can use banners, Facebook or Yahoo or Bing ads along with the Google AdWords program for this purpose. Crowd based campaigns: Along with social marketing and viral content development activities for new product launch marketing of your products, you can also initiate crowd based campaigns for their future marketing after getting recognition in the market. It can also be used for researching the market, cost effective development of the business, supporting customer services and gathering opinions of the users etc. Most of the large companies all over the world are using the crowd based campaigns including contests and events for this purpose. Speaking and briefing with media and analysts: Arranging a highly aimed speaking and briefing program with media and analysts after developing awareness and reputation for your product can help in ensuring the relevance and presence of your product in peoples’ mind for long time. You can successfully develop your new product launch marketing plan on the basis of the tips provided here above.


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