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#1 Does Community Fall Under Product Marketing or Customer Service?   This article by Jelena Woehr outlines the key determinants of a successful community manager. From Customer Care to marketing and product role this particular article provides a strong grasp on the critical elements in Community management. #2 Why B2B Marketers Must Pull up from Boring Marketing Jennifer Beever provides three critical elements of successful customer experience. She outlines the critical role that trust, transparency and sociability play in keeping your customers engaged and interested. #3 10 Tips for a Successful Product Marketing (Part 1) Productzine’s article provides an overview of the necessities of the perfect marketing launch. While product management and launches will vary from company to company, this article provides an overview of the essentials no matter what your product or business model. From building consensus to brand loyalty, this article is not to be missed. #4 Topping off bottmon funnel content: 5 ways to stretch your product marketing content Holly Pinaud’s article outlines 5 ways that you can make more out of your product content. It offers sales tidbits, information about how to blog, and advise on visualization of your product and its concepts. Its an article full of useful tips on how to get the most out of limited marketing resources. #5 Rise and Swine: Why Kraft’s Wake Up and Smell the Bacon is Subliminal Marketing Genius This catchy and fun article outlines the interesting “Wake Up and Smell the Bacon” marketing campaign. This article outlines exactly why the scent of bacon may yield significant results through quirky and subliminal marketing strategies. Mello’s article is both funny and engaging and helps us understand just what the very best marketers may do to make the sale and build that customer base.



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