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It is not always a best business strategy to focus all your products to all the people. You may at times need to channelize things and bring some variations in the products and make it available to only certain group of people. This is a good strategy that can be implemented for increasing market share, improving revenues and also in reducing costs. This kind of differentiation process is also known as segmentation and in the case of products this can be made used for dealing with products which are slightly different from one another and can also lead to making dissimilar kind of target markets. The Product segment marketing can be really a great decision for your business. Strategy  The strategy behind such a kind of marketing is that the company produces same product in smaller variations and market each kind of products among different groups of customers. The marketing can even happen in different brand names and this can increase the market share significantly by reducing the cost of producing different products. This is a strategy that is based on the market research for identifying the characteristics of the products that can resonate depending on the targeted market. The engineers who are involved in product development can provide with various iterations of similar base model which can meet with the characteristics that are preferred for each and every market segment. Purpose  This is a kind of marketing strategy that is capable of providing a mechanism for company for the purpose of distributing risk associated with selling of product with higher cost in different markets that are targeted. Instead of making all the products that are manufactures in the place of the company to get sold in the same market, the company get the option for selling the products that are similar but with slight variations in different markets. In this case the prices of the products can also be different. Even if one segment do not click in a market, there are chances for other segments to act in a positive manner leading to a good return from the products that they have manufactured. This can make the company do not droop in to loss all in a sudden. This is really a good strategy in the marketing that can make the company earn really a good amount of income. The thing is that each and every segment should be promoted well towards the targeted market. It really requires good amount of knowledge in recognizing this particular target of people towards whom you are supposed to do the promotion. The focus of a product segment marketing that is executed well is to sell more amount of products to many people at lower costs of production. Once the sales get progresses, the marketing professionals can determine the profit that they are going to get from the individual item that they sell and decide whether to go on with the product or not. If you think that a segment is working marvellously well in the market, then promotional and manufacturing strategies adopted for it can be implemented with the segments that have poor performance.


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